Guardian Angel is a work-in-progress fanmade story on written by Mayhem Darkshadow.


The story begins with Scootaloo injuring her left wing after hang-gliding in hopes of getting her cutie mark. Her friends, along with the help of Twilight Sparkle get her to the hospital. Later, Twilight notices Scootaloo heading out of Ponyville and secretly follows her. She finds Scootaloo was living in the Cutie Mark Crusaders clubhouse and finds out from Scootaloo that her parents abandoned her. Twilight comforts Scootaloo and takes her into her home where Scootaloo is fed, bathed and allowed to sleep in the same bed with Twilight.

The next morning, Twilight finds out more about Scootaloo's family. She says that she had an older brother who died in an accident and an older sister who abandoned her as well and became a mare for hire. While Scootaloo's doing fine living with Twilight, Twilight isn't sure what to do with Scootaloo. After some talks with Applejack, Rarity and Spike, Twilight decides to fill out the papers making her Scootaloo's legal guardian and making Scootaloo the happiest filly.

Now that Scootaloo lives with Twilight, Twilight gives Scootaloo her own room and tutors her in math. Everything goes fine for them, until Diamond Tiara comes along. Diamond Tiara gets in trouble after insulting Scootaloo and Twilight, and plans revenge against Scootaloo. She along with Silver Spoon lie to Scootaloo about them doing a report on zebra magic and asks if Scootaloo could take them to Zecora in the Everfree Forest. As they enter the forest, Diamond Tiara knocks Scootaloo out with a rock and leaves her in the forest along with a guilt-written Silver Spoon.

Twilight begins to worry about Scootaloo as her friends start asking ponies if they've seen her. The guilt finally gets the best of Silver Spoon as she confesses to Twilight and the others about Diamond Tiara's plan. Diamond Tiara is caught by Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom as Twilight rescues Scootaloo from Timberwolves, along with Scootaloo calling Twilight 'Mommy'.

Instead of pressing charges against Diamond Tiara, Twilight decides to leave punishing Diamond Tiara to her father, Filthy Rich. That night, Twilight thinks of what happened and asks Scootaloo if she wants Twilight to be her mother. Scootaloo says yes and they both fall asleep together.

Later, Twilight starts to become friendly with a male pegasus named Thunderlane, as Scootaloo saves Silver Spoon from Diamond Tiara's wrath when she goes back to school.

That's where the story ends right now.


The story won an Approval Twilight Sparkle Ribbon.

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