Going Home
Angry Pinkie by Jack a Lynn

Writer(s) Mazer
Date published February 28, 2012
Words 18,767
Status Complete
Type/genre Normal
Featuring Cutie Mark Crusaders
Derpy Hooves
Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash
Story link(s)
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Going Home is a fanfiction written by Mazer. It tells the story of Pinkie Pie when she is called home by her mother to help around the rock farm as well as tend to her dying father.


The style is written in the first-person, present tense, following the thoughts of Pinkie Pie.


The story begins with Pinkie watching her friends leave her house from her bedroom window. She then plays with gummy a little before going to sleeps. Later, she reflects on her life. Thinking about things like the fact that the Cakes were actually friends of her parents, and that she moved into their house when she was eleven (meaning she was 21 years old in the story since she mentions that she lived in Sugarcube Corner for more than 10 years). She had made friends with Rainbow Dash soon after.

She then goes downstairs where she finds that Derpy has a letter for her. She opens it to discover that it is from her mother, who is asking her to go back to the farm because her father has come down with a very bad illness. Heartbroken, Pinkie Pie tries to laugh, and upon her fourth attempt, she does so. But to her horror, she cannot stop laughing. She asks the Cutie Mark crusaders to take care of Gummy before setting off.

Pinkie takes a carriage and arrives at her parent’s rock farm.


The story was featured on Equestria Daily where it currently holds a Star-5 rating.

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