Get Along Home
I promise

cover image at Equestria Daily

Writer(s) "no space"
Date published August 17, 2011
Words 7000
Type/genre Shipping
Featuring Derpy Hooves
Big Macintosh
Carrot Top
Get Along Home is a fan fiction written by "no space" and can be found on Equestria Daily. It is a short (7,000 words) shipping story about Ditzy Doo and Big Macintosh , with Carrot Top playing a supporting role.


The story is told in the third person omniscient mode.


Ditzy Doo is a loving mother to her daughter Dinky and a reliable mail-mare, but finds it difficult to be around other ponies because of her wandering eye and aphasia, or difficulty in selecting the right word when speaking. She has a crush on Big Macintosh, which her friend and room-mate Carrot Top is well aware of and constantly encourages Ditzy to pursue.

A chance run-in at the store leads to a terribly awkward conversation between Macintosh and the muddle-tongued pegasus, and Ditzy runs home convinced that Macintosh thinks she's a dim-witted fool. Carrot Top begins to intervene, arranging for Ditzy and Macintosh to meet again in the hopes that they'll get past each other's shyness.

Carrot has to give Ditzy a serious pep talk to get her to go, but the pegasus ends up arriving too late to catch the farmer. After another talk with Carrot Top, Ditzy works up the nerve to visit Mac at Sweet Apple Acres and present him with a written declaration of her feelings for him. After reading it, Big Macintosh asks Ditzy out for dinner. The date begins awkwardly, but as the evening goes on the pair find they enjoy one another's company.


Derpy Hooves

Ditzy falls just a little past "the diligent mail mare" on the Derpy Scale, being highly competent but afflicted with not only a wandering eye but a case of aphasia that makes her speak mostly in synonyms of her intended sentence. She keeps her sentences as short as she can to try and limit the difference between her intention and what comes out of her mouth.

Big Macintosh

Big Mac's accent is fairly thick in this fic, so it can take nearly as much effort to understand him as to understand Ditzy. He prefers to speak slowly and often feels rushed when talking to most ponies.

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