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General Mumble
General Mumble - OC by ABluSkittle
Other names Poowis
Known as Artist
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General Mumble is a British musician and artist. Most of his music is electronic though he does not restrict himself to any particular genre. He was a regular applicant for ToastBeard.

List of compositions[]

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2011-08-28 FOREVER 4:15
2011-09-06 She's a Pony 4:25
2011-10-24 All Fine 3:51
2011-11-21 Maakit Stop! 3:47
2012-01-17 More Than a Chicken 4:15
2012-05-15 Crush. Kill. Destroy. Swag. 3:37
2012-07-23 Appleshake 3:24
2012-09-26 Couldn't You Just Simply Die? 4:07


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