Friendship is Magic: The Night the Magic Died
FiM TNtMD - Page 16 This Just Got Real by ArofaTamahn
Page 16: This Just Got Real
Writer/artist ArofaTamahn
Date published August 3, 2011
Pages 136 (as of August 15, 2014)
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The Night the Magic Died is an ongoing series of comics written and drawn by ArofaTamahn .


Pages 57 and 58 were originally scheduled to be released on March 1, 2013, but were delayed until March 8, 2013, due to personal circumstances, according to the description on page 56 of the comic.

The first chapter ended on Page 58 on March 8, 2013. The next chapter was stated begin in Valve Time, a common phrase used to mean the exact date has not been determined yet. On March 14, 2013, the exact date of the arrival of new pages was announced to be May 31, 2013 on the journal used as the index for comic pages. Additionally, ArofaTamahn announced in that same journal that the update would be twenty pages in length.


The story starts off in Canterlot with Princess Luna lowering the moon and Princess Celestia raising the sun. They are about to go and have breakfast when a mysterious griffin wizard crash lands in front of them and asks for their help.

Later that morning at the Golden Oaks Library in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle is in the middle of studying when she hears a knock on the door. She opens it and sees something that horrifies her. She is about to tell Spike about it, but she suddenly forgets what "it" was. She opens the door again, and finds a mysterious unicorn named Nat with a cream colored coat, a flowing yellow mane, and bright-red eyes. She welcomes Nat in. Nat starts taking books and files off the shelves for researching. Twilight notices they were all history book and newspaper articles. Twilight then moves to the kitchen to make tea, where she starts having strange feelings about Nat. As the memory of what exactly seemed so off about Nat returns, Spike gets a letter from Princess Celestia saying that Twilight and her friends should come to Canterlot, and that the princesses will explain the situation when they get there. This causes Twilight to lose her train of thought. After Twilight finishes reading the letter, Nat states that she is just finishing up researching.

The comic then cuts to the train to Canterlot, with Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie on board. Rarity explains to Applejack that griffins can do magic using staves, wands, or batons with verbal incantation. Twilight is still shaken up about Nat. When her friends ask what's wrong, she explains to them about Nat, and they are all surprised to heard that. Rarity explains that she saw that same mare at her boutique; Pinkie saw her at Sugar Cube Corner; Applejack saw her at Sweet Apple Acres; Rainbow Dash saw her while she was doing her morning weather rounds; and Fluttershy saw her going down the road past her cottage. By comparing their recollections, the six mares realize that they saw the same mare at the same time.

At the train station at Canterlot, Shining Armor, returned from his honeymoon, awaits them. As requested by Princess Luna, Shining Armor gives his sister and her friends the Elements of Harmony to be at hoof in case of emergency. The elements had been put under an invisibility charm to keep them discreet, so that besides the element bearers themselves, only the princesses and the royal guard can see them.

The scene then transitions to Canterlot Hospital, where the princesses and the griffin wizard are waiting. After introducing themselves to the griffin, Garret, he explains his situation to Twilight and her friends. One day in his hometown Loondon, Eagleland, capital city of the Griffin Kingdom, while attempting to cast a spell to communicate with other worlds, he accidentally allowed an evil wolf-like enchantress into their world. With most of his magical powers drained and his wand broken, he managed to escape. None of the other griffins would help after conjuring up an evil force, so he fled to Equestria with the enchantress following him. The mane 6 agree to protect him until his full strength to banish this fiend returns. Garret describes that recognizing her might be a problem. He explains that she has the power to warp the minds of those around her, making them not see her true form or even notice her. But there are some signs in seeing through her spell. The altered mental image is less detailed, with some magical features not truly appearing. Twilight then thinks back to Nat, who had no cutie mark, and no magic aura when she levitated the books off the shelves. Garret also says the enchantress can phase out the memories of what was seen to hide her presence, which is what happened to Twilight when she first answered the door. Then Twilight explains about Nat and that she could be the enchantress. And then she realizes, if she can alter minds, she could read them too. While she read the letter from Princess Celestia back in the library, Nat read her mind about the contents of that letter and found where Garret is hiding. It is then that the wolf enchantress enters the room.

Shining Armor attempts to stop her with a barrier, but she breaks through it easily. Then, the Elements of Harmony attempt to stop her, but she advises them that such an action is a "very, very bad idea." After she stops the elements easily, she demands that they hand over the griffin if they value the safety and well-being of their world. This demand causes Fluttershy's stare to activate, but she is dealt with easily. The wolf enchantress then states that the griffin is the threat, not her, prompting Princess Celestia to request an explanation. She explains that her true name is "Arofa Nahmat", and she is a creature from another universe. She asks permission to explain the situation fully, which Luna grants, on one condition: that she "stop speaking into [their] minds with such excessive force" (which she requests using the Royal Canterlot Voice). Nahmat then goes on to tell her story: she is a commissioned agent of the law, and has been assigned to catch him, as he is actually a creature who, in her world, used his magic for mass destruction and mayhem. She says his true name is Gralo, and demands he be turned over so that he can face justice on her world.

However, Celestia demands proof of what Nahmat says, and she replies that if Celestia would search his magic, she'd have her proof. Celestia refuses, stating that while he had done nothing wrong, Nahmat's attitude showed her to be a "bully and a brute", at the very least. Nahmat proposes that Garret be placed under strict watch, until the "truth" is revealed. Celestia agrees, but on one condition: that Shining Armor and Princess Cadance watch over Nahmat. However, Nahmat proves to be difficult to guide, frustrating Shining Armor.

Later, Luna expresses her worry over Shining Armor and Cadance being the ones to guard Nahmat, saying that she and Celestia should be the ones watching over the enchantress. Celestia reassures Luna, and Luna re-iterates that she understands Celestia's reasoning, but emphasizes that she is still worried. She reasons that she doesn't want a repeat of Discord's return, or the changeling invasion, and expresses her frustration in sleeping through both events. However, Celestia reassures her that such events always work themselves out in the end.

Nahmat is revealed to have been spying on Celestia's and Luna's conversation, and is frustrated by Celestia's inability to see what she sees. Shining Armor's call snaps her back to reality, however, and she states her mind was elsewhere. She then notices the picnic basket Shining Armor is carrying, and asks about it. Shining replies that they were planning on having a picnic, in order to celebrate something that happened the prior year. Shining then mentions that Cadance will probably want to have Nahmat along on the picnic now. Nahmat then remarks that Cadance sounds "quite flexible", which causes Shining to blush profusely. Nahmat then remarks that Cadance must be very close to Shining; he replies that she's his wife. At first, she believes that he married Cadance to marry into royalty, but when he retorts that he married her because he loves her, she is confused.

Nahmat states that she finds marrying for love to be a paradoxical notion, and asks if the marriage affected Shining Armor's and Cadance's capacities to love each other. Shining replies that it did not, but retorts by wondering what reason there is to not marry someone, if you love them enough. Nahmat concedes the point, and the fact that there are differences in customs between the ponies and her kind. In the panel where she comes to this realization, there are little figurines of Time Turner and Derpy Hooves on top of a wedding cake, in a shoutout to BaldDumboRat's tumblr, Lovestruck Derpy. Shining takes notice of the fact that she is being much friendlier, and questions her about it. She replies that she's trying to make a friend. Shining tells her that while the idea is nice, she's got a long way to go after the way she acted, and she understands.

Meanwhile, the six mares walk down the street of Canterlot with Garret. Fluttershy seems shaken up, presumably from her encounter with Nahmat that morning. Her friends question her about it, but she claims to be fine. She especially doesn't want them to buck some sense into Nahmat after Applejack recommends it. Doubting Fluttershy's claim, her friends try to comfort her. Then, the gang stops at Mystic Medley's Magical Odds and Ends. Applejack and Rainbow Dash make their leave while the others go into the shop to find Garret a new wand. The inside of the shop is massive, about the size of a museum full of magical items. Twilight starts to reminisce on how high the shelves were to her when she was a filly, saying she felt like Daring Do exploring in an ancient temple filled with magical artifacts.

Shortly thereafter, Rarity checks through the wands to see which one would suits Garret. But then he interrupts, saying that it's not just the way the wand looks to know if it the right one, but also to try it just to be certain. Then, Garret, Twilight, and Rarity all go enter a "changing room-like" wand testing room, in order for Garret to test the new wands. After going through a large pile of wands, Twilight assumes that none of them are right for him, but Garret assumes that his magic hasn't returned yet. He states that if his magic did come back, the mismatch wand would've backfired the spell, and as he states this, the wand he is holding does so. He gets covered in mixed-up colors and patterns. As he shakes it off, the group takes it as a reassuring sign that his magic is returning. Garret states that the wand might be a match, but wishes to try other wands, too, just in case. Rarity offers to take the old wands back to their shelves, and while she is in the process of putting them back, Fluttershy approaches her, telling her she's ready to talk about what happened with Nahmat, but only in a less public location. She runs off, crying, with Rarity following her.

Back in the testing room, Twilight asks Garret where he learned magic. Garret explains that he flunked out: no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't keep up with the schools and universities he went to. He soon gave up on school and decided to study on his own, finally surpassing the level of "wave wand, say silly words, make magic happen." But he got too ambitious, what led him to his problem with Nahmat. Twilight tries to comfort him, telling him Rainbow Dash was a flight school drop-out. She goes on to mention that maybe, besides The Wonderbolts, Rainbow is the strongest, fastest, most talented flyer in Equestria. Twilight thinks that could be a good lesson: "Learn in the way that works for you. Whether from a teacher, or in a school, or on your own." They then notice Rarity has been gone for a while. They search the store, but can't find her, so they decide to look outside.

At the park, Shining Armor and Nahmat wait for Princess Cadance. Then Shining Armor asks her what she meant about "making true love." As an example: she says she has a family. A mother, a father, and a twin brother. She can't just say she loves them, she has to act upon and reinforce her love for them. She explains she looks to her parents for guidence and emotional solace, and she tries to take care of them in kind. With her and her brother, they are nearly inseparable. They go their separate way now and again, but she always holds him in a deep, tender part of her heart, and she's sure he does too. Shining Armor is touched to hear that her life was reflection of his own. But he still isn't convince what that has to do with "making true love." She says it has everything to do with it: as parents are to their pups, as pups are to their parents, as friends to friends, mates to mates, and a person to their people. Cadance arrives, overhearing that "beautiful speech." Shining Armor gets so excited, he approaches Cadance, accidently stepping on Nahmat's tail. Then she sees how adorable Shining Armor and Cadance are together. Cadance already knows Nahmat from her Aunt Celestia. Nahmat then explains that "Arofa" is her surname, and "Nahmat" is her birth-name. Shining Armor then notices she's getting acquainted with Cadance as she was tried with Shining Armor earlier. He then reflect back to when she revealed herself, and attacked him, Twilight, her friends, and Fluttershy. Frustrated at that statement, Nahmat claims he started it. Cadance then breaks it up and kindly asks Nahmat what exactly happened. She explains when she came in the hospital for Gralo, Shining Armor placed his shield bubble over her and his associates brandished their spears on her. She didn't want to get hurt and didn't want anyone else getting hurt. So she asked them to stand down, and they did. Then Twilight and her friends were about to use the Elements of Harmony on her. She didn't want to be killed, and didn't want anyone else killed. So she asked them to stop, and they did. So she assumes she didn't hurt anyone. Being in a strange new world, lost and friendless, chasing a dangerous fiend, with no hope of help from the locals, has made her frustrated. When they ask why she hurt Fluttershy, she explains she was afraid and panicked.

In another part of the park, Twilight and Garret meet up with her friends to find Fluttershy is crying. They give time, before she was ready to explain what happened between her and Nahmat. She starts by explaining what she calls "The Stare," which she uses as a last resort to get her animals to behave. Back to Nahmat, she explains that Fluttershy's stare has the power to crush one's spirit by her will with one mere look. She calls it torture and a manifestation of deep and terrible nature. The stare was so painful, Nahmat couldn't look away. She saw in her eyes a heart sick with rage. She looked deeper and saw Fluttershy's memories to the time she was been cruel to everypony. Fluttershy thought the stare would tell her how bad she was being. But Nahmat got mad and used a spell on her. She took the memories from all the times Fluttershy was cruel, nasty, or abusive, and make her watch them all at once. In Fluttershy's mind, she saw herself yelling and hurting her.

Fluttershy says she took a look at the "real" her. As her friends try to comfort her, she keeps explaining how there were times she hurt someone. She's crying because it's part of what she is. Nahmat hates herself for doing what she did to Fluttershy, knowing how it affected her. After understanding her problem, Cadance insists that Nahmat should apologize to Fluttershy. Nahmat knows an apology could make herself feel better, but she doubts it would make her feel better. She knows Fluttershy is with her friends, and that they could make her feel far better than she could. So she send a pony version of her clones to the part of the park where Fluttershy and her friends are.

Twilight couldn't think of anything to say, so Applejack decides to take care of it. She tells Fluttershy that Nahmat was right about her...right about everypony. She explains that they all have a side of themselves that they are afraid of, are ashamed of, and are undenied that it is part of who they are. But then she states that it's ONLY a part of who they are. That part Fluttershy that's sweet, kind, gentle, caring, loves her friends and animals is just as real, if not more. The best part is that she's one who makes herself into that pony. She can choose to make herself the pony she wants to be, and doesn't let anyone or anything force into becoming somepony else. Fluttershy then realizes it's just as she learned once to become assertive without change herself. She decides she won't ignore that other side of her, but to accept it. She wants to be a kind and gentle pony without being a pushover. A pony who's confident and assertive without being a bully. After feeling better, she realizes she was hungry. As they leave for lunch, Garret decides that the new wand can wait. Twilight thanks Applejack for the speech. Nahmat looks into Fluttershy's eyes and is delighted to see her heart is now mended.

Back on her 'original' side of the park, Nahmat overhears Shining Armor talking to Princess Cadance. He believes that her being sorry was just an act. But Cadance feels that she truely is. Both don't believes that Garret is really Garlo, but Cadance thinks she just has the wrong suspect. She knows every Nahmat did was bad, but she knows she's a good person and deserves to be given a second chance. Shining agrees, but is still keeping his guard. Cadance approach Nahmat, apologizing for acting like she not there. She says she doesn't mind, and she also doesn't mind if they don't trust her. But she is grateful that they trust her a little bit. Cadance offers her to join them in their picnic, and she accepts. She then promises she still need to face Fluttershy.

On the other side of the park, Nahmat's unicorn clone approaches the tree the ponies and Garret stood next to. As she hits it, all the leaves start falling off, all shriveled and grey. She's still convinced Garret is Garlo.

Princess Celestia has just received a letter from King Matthew II of Eagleland, of the response of her inquiry of Garret. As she reads the letter, realizing her suspicions about Nahmat were correct. She asks for Twilight and Shining Armor to she her the following even. After Luna is well rested, it will be a matter both royal sisters shall witnessed settled.

Back at the park, Princess Cadance asks Nahmat why she didn't go to her aunt about Garlo to begin with. She says she's part of a species that are descendants of animals who hunt, catch, and eat other creatures, like the ponies' ancestors. She was afraid nopony would listen to her for the way she looks like a predator. Cadance assures her that she is more trusting now than she was before. She then starts getting curious. If the two meet under better circumstance, Twilight would've asked Nahmat about her universe. Cadance then asks Nahmat what her world is like.

As Nahmat is about to start explaining how her world is similar to Equestria, the comic cuts to the mane six and Garret, inside Joe's donut shop. Rainbow Dash observes that Fluttershy is feeling better, but asks her if she could sit still for ten seconds, as she explains that seeing Fluttershy so hyper is weirding her out. Fluttershy apologizes, but then explains that she feels like a huge weight on her was lifted away, and that she's so light now, she can hardly keep herself down. However, she is still startled when Joe shows up with the donuts and hot cocoa. Rarity remarks that she finds it delightful to see Fluttershy in such high spirits, though further states that she wouldn't go as far as to thank Nahmat for putting Fluttershy through such an ordeal.

Twilight then asks Garret as to why he cast the spell that brought Nahmat there in the first place. He first reminds them of what he told of his story thus far, and then tells them that as he progressed, he felt he was missing something, something that was at the center of all magic. He pored over every textbook he could find in search of it, but instead found the trans-dimensional communication spell he used to summon Nahmat. He mentions that originally, the spell was to work using a specific name, but he modified it to use a general description. He explains that he wanted to find a being that could set him on the path to find what his magic was lacking, but instead, he summoned Nahmat, as Rarity mentions. Garret then states that perhaps Nahmat could show him the way, but the spell betrayed him by "making her a fiend". Garret then states his resolve to send Nahmat back to her world has been strengthened by seeing what she did to Fluttershy.

Back to Nahmat, Shining realizes that in her world; instead of the moon and sun revolving around the earth, like in their world, the earth goes around the sun for a whole year, and the moon goes around the earth for a month and a half. The earth, itself, spins around the course of the day. The axis of the planet's rotation is tilted, related to it's orbit around the sun. The North and South halves get changing amounts of sunlight over the year, which causes the cycle of the seasons. Because of the pull of the moon's gravity on the earth's oceans, the tides rises and falls throughout the month. The differing rates between the moon's orbit and the earth rotation allows the moon to be seen during the day in half a month.

All the knowledge of the spinning makes Princess Cadance dizzy. In addition orbits and rotations, the weather changes, the plants grow, and the animals take care of themselves, all on their own. Shining Armor compares it to the Everfree Forest. Nahmat thinks it's a shame that ponies find it "frightening" and "unnatural" because it's "not working like the Rise of Equestria". Knowing that it's still a scary place, Cadance and Shining Armor believe that Nahmat's entire world might be..."Terrifying". Nahmat says nature is terrifying. It fell neither pity nor spite, neither love nor hate. It doesn't care about anyone or anything. It is what it is, and it does what it does. It's always unswayable, always uncontrolable. To her, it is reassuring too. There is a deep powerful magic in Nature. A magic that is eternal, and...ever free...of influence and corruption. Garlo does such devastation to the wilderness by stealing magic from it, but is unable to touch the magic of Nature. The Everfree Forest shares that same magic. She truly thinks that place is beautiful. Princess Cadance gets shaken up from hearing that. Nahmat understands, being extraterrestrial and all. Then she asks if they can get a great deal from Sensing Magic. Shining Armor implied that it could be the Scanning Spell she told Princess Celestia earlier. Nahmat states that was never what she intended. She asks if they can see, hear, or sence the magic all around them. They assume this technique is so advanced that not even Celestia can do it. Nahmat is shocked to hear this. This is a common trait where she come from, like unicorn telekinesis. It is keener to some than others, either by gift or by training, but all have it to some extent. When she arrived, she can see that the ponies are highly advanced in their magical capabilities. When in Ponyville, she saw that the ponies never noticed magic radiation from her unicorn disguise. When Princess Celestia's misinterpreted her plea about seeing Garlo's magic, it revealed that they both don't share the same insight. For example; Twilight was the only one to see through her disguise back at the library only for an instant, along with Pinkie Pie's "Pinkie Sense" to see into the future. She states that all ponies - Unicorn, Pegasus, and Earth Pony alike - have unrealized potential, and sensing magic is one that they have the capability to develop. Cadance then asks her what sensing magic is like. Nahmat tries to explains it a powerful nagging sensation in her mind, but instead, she decides to give them the experience. Cadance and Shining Armor gave her some precious. Something beyond compare...The Magic of Friendship. And in return, she would give them...The Magic of Insight.

Back at the donut shop, Pinkie's Pinkie Sense triggers, and Rainbow Dash passes it off as normal, until Twilight reveals that she felt the sensation too: a nagging itch in a part of their minds they only just realized they had. Twilight then worries that Shining Armor and Cadance might be in trouble. The comic then cuts back to Nahmat, along with the aforementioned two ponies, where she proposes a task that will help them unlock their Insight. The task is to find a cup, placed under an invisibility spell, without the use of any spells. Cadance at first seems skeptical, but Shining Armor eventually agrees to the task. Nahmat then hides the cup, and the ponies begin to seek it out. Cadance mentions sensing something, and Shining Armor states that closing his eyes seems to help. Finally, Cadance and Shining Armor are able to tap into their Insight (the sequence demonstrating this reuses the skill tree from page 44), and are greeted with the sight of a much different park than before; however, they are still unable to find the teacup. They then begin to notice discrepancies with the park, such as that it seems to curve up and around, like a bowl, and the lilypads in the pond have been replaced with tea leaves. At that point, they realize that Nahmat placed the park inside of the teacup, and Nahmat congratulates them for discovering their insight, while apologizing for playing such a trick on them.

Cadance mentions that she's impressed with Nahmat casting such a spell, even though Nahmat's magic is much more limited than hers. Shining Armor notices that while Nahmat's magic is limited, what she has is like hot steel. He asks if the reason she was able to cast the spell was due to her insight, and she replies that it was not the only reason, stating a difference in temperament between the world's magics was also a factor. She goes onto explain that while the magic from her world is hard, scarce, and unruly, in their world, it is soft, plentiful, and tame. Shining Armor summarizes her point: in the pony world, doing magic is easier. Nahmat also comes to the conclusion that such is the reason Insight went undeveloped so long in the ponies' world: due to it being so forgiving and plentiful, the discipline needed to wield it well in her world would be unnecessary. She also concludes that the willpower and technique from her world can be applied to great effect in the ponies' world.

Later on, as the group is packing up the picnic, Shining Armor mentions that Nahmat had him and Cadance in her power, and wonders why she didn't use that as an opportunity to escape. Nahmat appears shocked at first, and then replies that it never occurred to her to do that. Nahmat then states that those two are the closest things she has to friends in that world. Shining Armor then decides to ask Nahmat about why she taught him and Cadance to use Insight, and she reveals that she had also wanted them to pass it on to Celestia, in order for her to see Gralo's true nature. Shining Armor insists that Garret isn't the griffin she's looking for, but Nahmat exhorts him to keep an open mind, and not jump to conclusions. She then states that they will have a chance to "see the truth" for themselves, and mentions that such an opportunity is rapidly approaching. Twilight shows up and yells at Nahmat, telling her to get away from Shining Armor and Cadance. She starts to attack Nahmat, until she was stopped by Shining and Cadance. The others arrive shortly after. They were about to tell Twilight about Nahmat's magic, until they've seen an apparition of Garlo absorbing the magic out of the other ponies except Garret. Nahmat whispers to the two to tell Princess Celstia and they agreed. Then Cadance push Nahmat towards Fluttershy, thinking it's the right time to apologize. Rainbow Dash, be protective, didn't want her near her friend, but Fluttershy says it was okay. After persuasion from Cadance, Nahmat apologizes to Fluttershy for her action for being afraid of her. Even though Rainbow Dash is not amused, Fluttershy understands how Nahmat feels, hurting others when they shouldn't. She promises not to do that again, and told Fluttershy she was impressed how she stood up to her earlier that mourning. Saying someone had to. Nahmat apologies, but she won't stop suspecting Garret. She'll let Princess Celestia and Luna decide on that. Shining Armor and Cadance asks her to come, and not keep them waiting.

As they leave, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity realize Nahmat is not as bad as they thought. Rainbow Dash complains about not believing in her and that the others are falling for it. But Garret says otherwise. Princess Cadance has a ability to bring out compassion in others He notices Nahmat has some nobility under that brutal exterior. He starts to have a theory about Gralo. But before he could say anything, some mysterious force tells him to be quiet. Twilight, still full of doubt, tells the others to keep a close eye on Nahmat, feeling she's scheming something.

Both groups arrive at Canterlot Castle where the royal sisters have been waiting for them. Shining Armor and Princess stand frighten seeing how great Princess Celestia's magic was through their new power of insight. Cadance told them that Nahmat was right about Garret. To everyone's confusion, they explain about the misunderstanding that mourning about "Looking at Garrret's magic". They explain that Nahmat's magic is used differently and she can sense other magic. Nahmat states they all have magic; the ability to knock fruit from tree with a mere kick, sensing the future, and flying with stubby wings, which Rainbow Dash took offensive. Shining Armor and Cadance are witnesses to her claim. They show everyone the Magic of Insight Nahmat taught them. That's how they can Garret is Gralo. But then Twilight starts arguing with Shining Armor that she could be manipulating them. Then Twilight recalls the incident with Queen Chrysalis, when Cadance was foalnapped and replace. Twilight knew something was wrong, she thought Cadance was turned evil. When he tried to warn him, he just ignored her. When she saw him again, he was under the queen's control. It was worst than seeing him dead. She just doesn't want something like that to happen again. So Shining begins comforting his sister.

Nahmat insures her failures in her efforts to dispel doubt and suspicion. But then Princess Celestia display the evidence in her investigation on Garret's existence from King Matthew. She presents Garret's birth certificate, along with his enrollment records with no diploma. In her conclusion, it proofs Garret is not Gralo. Nahmat became disappointed to see that her claim was proven false. But she could still see Gralo with her insight. She beliefs Garret was just another victim of Gralo. But before she could act, Princess Celestia used dark magic to put a muzzle on her and confine her. In order to protect her own kingdom, she order her guards to take Nahmat to the dungeon until Garret's magic is recovered. His magic would be enough to banish her. Unable to be help by anyone, Nahmat grew angry and turn Celestia's dark magic against her, destroying the muzzle and paralyzing everyone in the room. Then she starting dishing out all the things Celestia ever did wrong. A thousand years ago, Celestia just sat by while she watch her sister Luna was consumed by darkness and turn into Nightmare Moon, and used the Elements of Harmony to banish her to the moon for a millennium, and had Twilight and her turn her back into Luna themselves. She found it surprising Luna would accept Celestia apology after so much arrogance. But Luna tries standing up for her sister. She states with their friendship broken, they are unable to use the full power of the Elements. Celestia did everything she could to save Luna and Equestria, and it wasn't her fault she gave into darkness. Nahmat admires how mature Luna is. But then she starts reminding Celestia of the second time she made that mistake, when Queen Chrysalis replaced Cadance. The time she failed to defeat her, cast the responsibility to someone else, and never answer for her role in that fiasco. But then Twilight vouch for Celestia, saying that Chrysalis was too strong and that she fooled everyone. But Nahmat silenced Twilight, and want the princess to speak for herself.

Celestia says Twilight was right. Chrysalis's disguise was too good and Shining Armor's love for Cadance made her strong. But Nahmat claims it as the delusions of a brainwashed victim. She also states that Twilight saw through her disguised, while everyone was foolish enough to ignore her. On the eve of the wedding, she outburst on Cadance's behavior for the safety of her kingdom and her family, but Princess Celestia just cast her aside. This proves Nahmat's claim that Celestia has ignored the lesson on taking your friends' worries seriously. Whenever Celestia ignores the signs of an impending disaster, she leads her subjects to suffering and harm. Now Gralo has been taking magic from there world that Nahmat can't take back. She demands Celestia to see Garret for what he really is and put an end to this farce. Princess Celestia took a great resentment towards Nahmat's brash comments about her not being the strong wise rule she wants to believe in, and not able  to protect her country, her friends, or her family. So she bashed her hoof into Nahmat's head, freeing everyone from the dark magic. After being unconscious, Nahmat get up. She still questions how Celestia can still be a loving, caring ruler if she neglected Luna's suffering in her time of need; ignored Cadance's unnatural change in behavior; Shining Armor's rapidly deteriorating condition; betrays Twilight's lessons; cannot protect her subject with the power that was given to her;...and has never once apologizes for any of them. Still shaken from her action from earlier, and taking in every harsh comment about her, Princess Celestia is belittling on how perfect she really isn't. When Nahmat come to Equestria, she believed the ponies were all blind dullards, Fluttershy was an abusive hypocrite, Shining Armor was a power-hungry creep, and that she could not find a friend amongst them because of what she is; and was proven wrong on each of them. But Celestia herself didn't prove Nahmat wrong about her. She then decided to return to her own dimension and tell her people that she failed to apprehend Gralo, and that he's the ponies' problem now. Before she leaves, she tells Twilight the power of insight was always with her, and asks to discover the true before it's too late, and from that, she was gone.

After a short silence, Fluttershy became furious that Nahmat left without a word. When she brought up the moment she was hit by Celestia, her tantrum faded when she realized them actually heard her skull crack. Princess Cadance informs everypony that Nahmat was dead just for a moment. She then turns to her aunt in disbelief that she of all ponies should've understand how someone who's hurting would act, and should never be treated so horrid, no matter how harsh they've been. Disgusted by Celestia's action, Cadance just storm out of the throne room, with Shining Armor chasing after her. With Nahmat gone, Garret has nothing to do but to stay at an inn in Ponyville until his magic comes back. Twilight then asks the princess if they can hold on to their Elements of Harmony in case the story of Gralo become true. In her shame, Celestia doesn't care anymore what they do, and dismisses everyone. So everyone left, leaving the princess depressed. Princess Luna stayed behind to comfort her sister.

While walking Shining Armor and Princess Cadance recives a letter from Derpy Whooves about King Matthew II of Eagleland who warns them about a creature who's possesing Garret, after reading Shining Armor goes to check the Main Six (who actually has discovered Gralo's plans and what he is but they are defeated), while Cadance on the princesses. Unfortunaly Gralo has been able to absorb the magic of the Main Six and The Royal Sisters leaving them weak, after leaving Equestria in total darkness (where is reveal that the entire universe beyond of Equestria is dead, and that the Princesses have had been using illusions of the sun, the moon, and the stars to keep it a secret), Princess Celestia tells everyone in Canterlot to hide while her along with Luna, Cadance, Shining Armor and Spike go to the Everfree Forest at the Castle of The Royal Sisters where they prepare for Gralo's return, he comes back winning at the beggining but they are saved by Nahmat who powers up Celestia and Luna, who finally defeat Gralo and release the magic he stole, Gralo is then sealed in the Void Between the Worlds by Krassau Elder Chief, before returning home Nahmat reveals she is a bounty hunter and promises return to Equestria someday. At Golden Oaks Library, Twilight Sparkle's visited by Princess Celestia who tells her that she prefer no beign Twilight's teacher anymore telling that she can learn more about friendship on her own and with her friends and writes her, her first Friendship Report (it shows at the end the book who contains Star Swirl's unfinished spell hinting the episode Magical Mistery Cure).

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