Frederic Horseshoepin
Frederic Horseshoepin Pianist by Omnio2006
Frederic Horseshoepin playing the piano
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male
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Frederic Horseshoepin is a fan-based name given to a stallion earth pony who works as a pianist.


Frederic plays the piano at the Grand Galloping Gala in The Best Night Ever in the same band as Octavia.

Depictions in fan works

For being in the same band as Octavia, a few fans depict Frederic as her possible love-interest. In stories where Octavia is shipped with Vinyl Scratch, Frederic is sometimes shown to be hostile to the DJ from either jealousy (like in This nearly was mine) or general disapproval. In a twist of fate, some artwork show him shipped with Vinyl herself. Otherwise, he is shipped with other musical or high class ponies.

Due to Pinkie Pie messing up his performance in his appearance in The Best Night Ever  fans often show him and his bandmates to be relatively afraid or uncomfortable around her any time they see her.

His personality can vary amongst fan works. Some show him to be calm and respectful but otherwise dignified. Others show him to be somewhat stuck up, pushy and vain like other Canterlot Ponies such as the fic Room-213.

For the most part though, Frederic's role in fan fictions and art is usually limmited to being a band mate of Octavia in her stories.


Frederic Horseshoepin's Album by lizardfolk

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