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Help pages[]

Some common templates[]


{{clr}} or {{clear}} clears a horizontal space. Use this instead of multiple line breaks.
{{title}} changes the displayed title of a page. Does not alter the actual title. Also works on userpage names.
{{Tt}} or {{H:title}} creates a dotted underline with mouse-over text
{{outdent}} creates a line that shows a reply on a talk page was "outdented", meaning the indentation was scaled back.
{{mlp}} shortcut for creating links to the FiM wiki. Should always be used with "subst:".
{{Wikipedialink}} or {{Wlink}} shortcut for creating links to Wikipedia. Should always be used with "subst:".
{{anchor}} inserts an Anchor, acting as an invisible index entry.


{{ce}} general copyediting request
{{in-universe}} copyediting request for in-universe descriptions
{{merge}} notice for merging articles
{{move}} notice for moving pages
{{split}} notice for long articles in need of splitting
{{delete}} mark page for deletion
{{mature content}} mandatory notice for works which cover obviously adult-oriented material
{{ongoing}} optional notice for articles that cover works which are not complete yet


{{R}} allows resizing of images from external hosts


<ref></ref> wrap these tags around a reference.
<references /> put this at the bottom of an article in the references section to list all references
{{cite}} make pretty citations. Documentation.
{{cite web}} the most common form of the above template used on this wiki.
<ref group="note"></ref> use in conjunction with <references group="note" /> to create a notes section at the bottom of an article.

Magic words and XML tags[]

__TOC__ forces table of contents to load where this is inserted in the source.
__NOTOC__ removes the table of contents.
~~~ adds your signature without a timestamp.
~~~~ adds your signature and a timestamp. Useful on talk pages.
~~~~~ adds a stand alone timestamp.
#REDIRECT [[Article]] creates a redirect page.
<nowiki></nowiki> disable wiki markup between the tags, display "as is"
---- adds a horizontal line ("rule") across the page.


Copying over from the FiM wiki; feel free to add anything (I think I've removed everything that doesn't apply to this wiki). -- This is Jonny Manz, signing off! 19:50, May 22, 2012 (UTC)

{{t}} doesn't really need to be used by inexperienced editors. --Tulipclaymore 21:29, May 22, 2012 (UTC)