Flying with Angels
Flying with Angels cover

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Writer(s) Garbo802
Date published August 28 on Pony Fiction Archive
September 16 on FIMFiction
Words 11,943
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Sad
Featuring Rainbow Dash
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Flying with Angels is a multi-chapter Tragedy story starring Rainbow Dash that is being written by the author Garbo802.

The story is partially inspired by the song "The Angel Song", by the rock group Great White, and the story incorporates some of the lyrics from that song in the beginning of chapter one. The story has some violence and profanity, but is rated Everyone on FIMFiction.


The story starts with Scootaloo waking up from sleep. After getting up, she searches town to find Rainbow Dash, who she wants to have flying lessons from. When asked, Rainbow Dash is skeptical that Scootaloo can learn to fly, but decides to teach her anyway. During the first lesson, Scootaloo learns that she can fly much better than she thought as long as she doesn't think about it. When Rainbow Dash returns home, she finds that Scootaloo did better at hovering than she did at the end of her first year. These thoughts bring back memories from her days at flight school. The first of these is about Rainbow Dash being dissatisfied with her exam score, the second is her coming back from the summer as a much improved flier. In these memories, she has a friend called Sunbeam, who is Spitfire's younger sister. The story picks up again a few months later, at a point where Scootaloo can fly at a somewhat advanced level. But when she attempts a breaking maneuver, it injures her wing and she starts falling to the ground. Rainbow Dash is too late to save them completely, and both crash into the ground. Rainbow Dash later wakes up in Cloudsdale Hospital, where she learns that her wing is untreatable. She sinks into depression at this point, once again recalling memories, but this time about Gilda. The two memories point to the fact that Rainbow Dash is in love with Gilda, and that Gilda is in love with her too. But Gilda didn't tell her until much later, and Rainbow Dash hates her for it. The section ends with Rainbow Dash visiting Sunbeam, who now works at the Hospital.

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