Flim and Flam
Flim and Flam.png
Flim and Flam
Other names Flim Flam Brothers, Flim Skim
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Fan voice(s) Flim
BronyMike (Flim & Flam: Make it Big)
DJSmell1 (Flim Flam Miracle Tonic Literal Version)

ThatCanadianDude (Flim & Flam: Make it Big)
MastaRoshi78 (Flim Flam Miracle Tonic Literal Version)

Flim and Flam are a pair of unicorn brothers who work as traveling salesponies. They first appear in the episode Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, where they try to drive Applejack and her family out of Sweet Apple Acres by using a machine called the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000. They have light grey-olive coats and red and white manes, and wear blue and white-striped shirts and flat straw hats. The main differences between them are their cutie marks, their mane styles, and Flam having a mustache.


Flim and Flam are shown to be notorious tricksters and swindlers who trick ponies into buying their products. They generally show little remorse for their actions and often flee when the tide turns against them or their swindles are seen through. Due to them using a machine to make cider in the episode, they are sometimes portrayed as proficient inventors and mechanics, but their machines usually end up failing or making things worse in the end.

Depiction in fan labor

Flim and Flam rarely appear in fan labor. They usually return to Ponyville with some new invention and try to sell their products to the population, failing and then fleeing the town. Other times, they appear as more serious competitors who actually manage to pose a serious treat to the existing businesses in Ponyville. The two are also redeemed at times and end up doing honest work or helping out at Sweet Apple Acres.

The unicorn brothers are also shown in other places, swindling the local population. Fan labor has even put them in Canterlot's court at times for their actions, which may stem from their appearances in the comics.


Flim and Flam are usually seen as twins due to their similar designs (in one instance in their introductory episode, Rarity calls them such). As brothers, they are generally shown to stick together and care for each other, although they also argue between each other.

Romantically, they are usually shipped with Applejack (usually Flim) or the spa ponies due to them also being shown as twin sisters. Less frequently, Flim and/or Flam are also sometimes shipped with Trixie, Twilight Sparkle,[1] or Rarity.[2][3]

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