First Hours
First Hours coverart by CatbeeCache

Coverart by CatbeeCache

Writer(s) Pen Stroke
Date published December 23, 2013
Words 5,737
Status Complete
Type/genre Slice of Life
Alternate Universe
Featuring Nyx
Twilight Sparkle
Related to Past Sins
"In the Family" mini-series
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First Hours is a side story to Past Sins by Pen Stroke and the only one not to be part of the "In the Family" mini-series that includes Nightmare or Nyx?, Trinkets and Winter Bells. While referred to as a sequel by Pen Stroke, First Hours is technically a parallel to the first chapter of Past Sins.

Before being uploaded on FIMFiction, it was an exclusive story included in the Past Sins Printing Project by Equestria Publications.


Unlike the other works in the series, First Hours is a first-personnarrative from the perspective of Nyx. Despite being the narrator, she does not have dialogue until close to the end of the story. The story also uses repitition in order to compare Nyx's birth to a natural one. Earlier parts of the story are split into sections based on the development of senses.


Following the events in the prologue of Past Sins, Nyx awakens in the Everfree Forest with only the sense of touch. Trying to figure out her surroundings, she eventually gains the sense of smell and realizes she doesn't remember anything about herself. Gaining the senses of hearing and sight, she realizes that she is caught in a thornbush. Attempting to escape, she is frightened by a burst of lightning and gets more injured by the thorns which causes her to cry.

Eventually, Twilight discovers her though briefly takes on an angry tone after looking into Nyx's eyes which frightens the filly. Attempting to flee but remaining trapped in the bush, Nyx eventually calms down when Twilight promises not to hurt her. Freed from her entanglements, the filly leans against Twilight for comfort from the lightning and walks to Ponyville with her, falling asleep on the way.

After waking up in the treehouse, Nyx is bathed and fed by Twilight. She begins to cry when Twilight starts questioning her on Nightmare Moon but is happy to learn that Twilight is letting her stay. The story ends with Nyx falling asleep beside Twilight much like the parallel chapter.

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