Firebrand is a darker tale by Aminentus.

This comic contains violence, gore and swears. It is meant to be a horror/fantasy story and lies entirely outside of Equestria, though within the same world.

Writer/artist Aminentus
Date published Sep 7, 2014
Pages 30+
Type/genre Fantasy
Featuring Vorago


The main character, Vorago, was an archaeologist who inherited her master’s research. She completed it, but what she dug up was guarded by a deity, who saw her unfit to wield the tome he guarded. He curses her, forcing her sins to the surface. Unaware of what would happen, she returns home to beg for help. The curse spreads throughout her entire home, bringing an end to the scholarly town. The comic is about her path to undoing the curse.


The prologue begins with a written scene where Vorago's elder decides to pass his research on to her. Vorago passes through a town and momentarilly loses control while in search of information. Vorago passes through a town and momentarilly loses control while in search of information. She leaves the scene and begins talking to herself.

Ch 1

Vorago scales a building and enters a room with a strange orb inside. While attempting to swallow it, she is disrupted by the "monk" Lucem. He attacks her a couple of times before he is wounded and tossed to the side. His wound reacts strangely and he is overcome by the curse. Vorago is intrigued that he is still in control of himself after the change and implores him to join her on her mission to remove the curse. He eventually agrees.





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