Feather PonyArtist
Feather PonyArtist's OC
Other names Laura
Known as Musician
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Feather PonyArtist, more commonly known as Feather, is an Australian brony musician and artist who has been active since July 2012. Feather is best known for her many collaborations with other musicians as a singer.

Mad Mares

Mad Mares
Creator(s) Feather
Composition Tamás Petró
Lyrics TheEmberDash & Feather
Vocals Feather
Instruments Guitar: Tamás Petró
Duration 3:14
Type/genre Acoustic

A cover of TheEmberDash's parody of Mad World by Tears For Fears, Mad Mares is Feather's most viewed video. The song is sung from the point of view of Pinkie Pie, who laments over the trouble she has caused by creating copies of herself. The song is a reference to the Season 3 episode Too Many Pinkie Pies.

Original works

2012-07-12 Hey Big Mac 1:57 Love Song A cappella
2013-09-28 Redemption 4:16
2013-10-30 Cupcakes Information icon red 2:17 Inspired by Cupcakes
2013-11-07 Jealousy 6:20
2013-11-24 Look to the Clouds 3:56
2013-12-27 Leaving Colours 3:42
2014-01-23 Tiny Spells 3:47
2014-05-28 City Slicker 4:17

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