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Fan fiction is a type of fan labor that mirrors or tries to expand the show's universe by creating new prose stories about the show's characters, new "non-canon" characters, or both. Short stories are the most common, but novellas and novel-length works also exist, some of which have become popular enough to spawn numerous derivative works of their own (e.g. Fallout: Equestria and Past Sins). Fan fictions can attempt to come reasonably close to "canon" (the fictional history and characterizations presented in the show), or they can create an alternate universe which deviates significantly from the show. They can remain generally family-friendly, or add adult themes to the pony universe not present in the original show. Because the show is still ongoing, older stories frequently clash unintentionally with information established in later episodes.

A common fan fiction genre is Human in Equestria, which depicts humans being teleported from Earth to Equestria, and their interactions with the Mane 6 and the other ponies of Equestria. In some instances, they are transformed into ponies, while in others they keep their normal form. In many fics, Celestia shows knowledge of the human race, but often views it with contempt due to its destructive nature; and there are some stories in which she outright despises the species as a whole. In many of these fics, the humans are eventually accepted by the population, and even gain Celestia's trust, before they are then forced to battle a threat capable of destroying Equestria. A good example of a Human in Equestria is The 7th Element, in which a human, turned into a Pegasus, enters a relationship with Rainbow Dash and becomes the 7th Element of Harmony.

The Pony on Earth genre is basically Human in Equestria in reverse, with one of or all of the Mane 6 being teleported to the human world, usually as humans themselves, and the story describing their interactions with this world. A notable example of this genre is My Little Dashie, the story of how Rainbow Dash is transported as a filly to Earth and the main character raises her to adulthood.

Fanfic repositories

There are a number of websites that specialize in offering a space where authors can publish their work. Among them:

Equestria Daily publicizes prose stories that meet their pre-readers' quality standards, but does not host them, linking instead to one of the sites above or Google Docs documents. Pony Fiction Vault, a sister site to the Pony Fiction Archive, hosts a selection of stories that were particularly well-received in a variety of formats and accompanied by interviews with the original authors. One Man's Pony Ramblings, the blog of pony fiction author Chris, hosts an ongoing series of reviews of stories with the 6-Star rating on Equestria Daily. Authors seeking to submit their stories to the larger repositories like Equestria Daily are often referred to fanfiction review communities such as where they can find reviewers to help them revise and edit their stories.

Occasionally pony fan fiction, especially by bronies, tends to leak into other sites where it may not usually belong (such as the Fan-Ball wiki, for example).

List of fanfic pages

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The 7th Element thunderhawk7865 84,862 c
Accolade Cereal Velocity 6,947 c s m
The Adventures of Sundude and Moonbro MetalGearSamus u s
Aitran C. Theron Vulpin 55,321 c
Aliens in Equestria knightcommander 21,044 c
And Pitiless As The Sun BuffaloBrony 9,976 c m
Antipodes PK u
A Mending Soul Torrenta 157,064 u

The Art of Magic

Rarity Belle 12,365 c m
Background Pony shortskirtsandexplosions 432,377 c c
The Best Nightmare Ever Aceon 3,398 c
Better Living Through Science and Ponies Pen Stroke 33,500 c
The Birds and the Bees theworstwriter 3,400 c s
Blood Curse Boutique Rarity Belle 277,720 c c
Bride of Discord DisneyFanatic2364 56,471 c s


Unknown 2,500 c c
Can't Be Saved Jimmy Lethal 1,607 c c m
Celestia's Ascension to madness storiesatrandom 53,500 c
The Centerpiece Of My Collection / Collection Of My Centerpiece Geldon 4,424 c c
Cheerilee's Garden Unahim 69,853 c c m
Chrysalis Adopts a Cat! Erudite Muffin 13,148 c s
Circus Ponies TadashiSatoru (FirePuppy) 4,624 c
The Cold Hand of Mercy Staeg Masque 35,500 c
The Contest Cold in Gardez 6,700 c s
CRISIS: Equestria GanonFLCL u
Cupcakes Sergeant Sprinkles 4,050 c m
Daring Do Bakes a Cake Lucky Dreams 6,365 c
Dark Ages Krashface 9,709 u c m
Dark Rose Roger334 16,506 c
Daughter of Discord DisneyFanatic2364 78,643 c c
Dinky Doo trilogy Roy G. Biv 11,200 c

#1: Dinky Doo's Father Revealed
#2: Dinky Doo's Travels
#3: Dinky Doo's Homecoming

Ditzy Doo's Dismally Derpy Day CLAVDIVS CAESAR 11,400 c
Doomsday Ascending Bhaalspawn u c m
Double Rainbow ProBrono 3,869 c s
Electro Spark Joshweiser22 u
The Elements of Love grllover23 u m
The Elements of Nature trilogy Superior-Doc-Fossil 168,445 c See page
The End of Ponies short skirts and explosions u
Fallout: Equestria Kkat 607,282 c
Fear and Trembling shortskirtsandexplosions 20,868 c c
A Filly's Wings Lunar Shadow 6,800 c
Fire Spores applecinnamonspice 8,638 c c
Five's Company Yanmato 3,310 c s
Fluttershy's Dark Sky CloudMistDragon 27,383 c m
Friendship is Tragic Vermillon 15,973 c c m
Full Moon Rising Aceon 5,690 c
The Funeral everypony should go to... Rarity Belle 3,333 c
Guardian Mares Ghost Plasmore u s m
Get Along Home no space 7,000 c
Gift shortskirtsandexplosions 17,689 c c m
The Gift of the Mash Rated Ponystar 13,462 c s
Going Home Mazer 18,767 c
Good Heart Roger334 22,097 c
The Golden Armor Comet Burst 12,679 u
The Glass Blower Cold in Gardez 9,442 c c
Half the Day is Night Augiedog 57,200 c
Happily Ever After Vanner 29,726 c
Haunting Nightmare Pen Stroke 29,300 c m
Having a Ball Cereal Velocity 2,800 c
I Regret Thesillypony/Rosebudthefoal and Blodycandypony 5,602 c m
It's A Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door Jetfire 143,000 c
The Last Crusade Paraderpy 3,200 c c
Lost Symphonies cherrycustard u
Love And Tolerate Joshweiser22 5,619 c
Luna Game Joshweiser22 5,626 c c m
Lunaria Borealis Equestriankirin 27,121 u
The Many Deaths of Rainbow Dash Relaxing Dragon u m
Mare-Do-Well: Regeneration Mark Garg Von Herb u c m
Mass Effect 2 - DLC: The Equestrian Equation Loyal2Luna 129,556 c
The Monster Mash Fred M Sloniker 44,427 c
Moonbeam Laurence Brown 64,000 c
The Moonshine Series Pen Stroke 22,755 c
My Faithful Student PhantomFox 10,513 c
My Little Avengers KoolerKid 71,801 c
My Little Bionicle: Destiny is Magic Toa Coy u
My Little Dashie ROBCakeran53 12,524 c c
My Little Pony: Darkness is Magic Metroid100 u
My little Pony: Uncommon Connection Andreb16 u s
My Little Trekkie Joshweiser22 10,136 c
My Little Universe EquestrianKirin 1,972,511 c m
My Roommate is a Vampire Dennis the Menace 51,730 c
Mythbuckers AuroraDawn u s
A New Breed Polecat c
Night Guards Raugos c
The Night Will Last Forever Mr Fugums u
Nightmare or Nyx? Pen Stroke 11,245 c
Number 12 Squeak c
Order-naries series C. Theron Vulpin 214,443 c

#1: Order-naries
#2: Z'Nai
#3: Vacation
#4: Summer Sun, Dawning Chaos

Of Two Minds C. Theron Vulpin 24,058 c spin-off of Order-naries
An Old Guardspony's Last Duty BuffaloBrony 7,557 c
On a Cross and Arrow Conner Cogwork 86,836 c
An Out Of Pony Experience ThePonyWithNoName u
Paradise SlyWit u
Past Sins Pen Stroke 179,000 c
Pinkie Pie Discovers Coffee ChrisSpartan117 3,377 c s
Po-Ni-Oh: The Abridged Series TrialmanAKASoma Cruz 17,559 u
Pony POV Series Season One: Reharmonization Alex Warlorn 82,983 c
Pony POV Series Season Zero: Discorded Ponies Alex Warlorn 9,978 c
Post Nuptials Darth Link 22 33,266 c c
Princess Celestia Hates Tea/
A Short Story by Twilight Sparkle
Jeffrey C. Wells 10,450 c
Princess Sweet Rosebudthefoal u
Progress Andrew Joshua Talon u
The Purloined Pony Chris c
Rainbow Factory AuroraDawn 8,264 c c m
The Life of Mary Sue the Red Maned Black Coated Alicorn KingofSquirrels u
The Regal Dream James Corck 64,650 c
The Return of the 7th Element thunderhawk7865 u
The Road Home Pen Stroke u
Rise of Dark Matter DMSwordsmaster u c m
The Running of Lyra Lurks-no-more 3,375 c s
Screwball trilogy WarrenHutch 46,500 c

#1: The Turning of The Screwball
#2: Screwball Mio Amore
#3: Screwball Over

Secret of the Pegasi C. Theron Vulpin 5,600 c
Sepia Tock CanvasWolfDoll 23,150 c
Shaded From The Truth Joshweiser22 8,974 c
Shimmer Autumn Wind 8,500 c
A Sight for Really Sore Eyes PatRoison 5,000 c
Simply Rarity Somber 7,000 c c
Skittles MetalGearSamus 3,400 c s m
Social Standards RadaVonVon u
The Sock Swap ProBrono 20,540 c
Somewhere Only We Know Patchwork Poltergeist 4,700 c
Sonic & My Little Pony: Adventures Thesonicx666 1,276 u
the spiderses Argembarger 2,650 c s m
spike is sad and kills himself NetherLips 1,919 c c m
Spitfire's Day Off Artimae 3,500 c
Stories of the Teenage Cutie Mark Crusaders Prince Luna u s
The Storm Factory Rarity Belle 7,126 c
Striped Like Me Fernin 12,530 c s
Sunny Skies All Day Long PhantomFox 8,548 c
Surprise, Surprise Saddlesoap Opera 4,700 c
Tales George Pollock, Jr. 19,130 c c
Ships That Pass in the Night / The Three Notes Ebon Mane 4,500 c c
Through the Eyes of Another Pony CardsLafter u
Today, Tomorrow, and Forever Chopper's Top Hat 2,600 c
Transformers Prime: Magic of the Dinobots Metroid100 c
Trinkets Pen Stroke 7,385 c
Twilight Sky Over Canterlot Foxxy 16,115 c
Twilight Sparkle and the Alicorn's Stone Jabborwocky1994 14,732 c
The Unfavorite Gabriel LaVedier 6,200 c
The Vinyl Scratch Tapes Corey W. Williams u
Vinyl the Vampire Bronyman 1995 1,304 c s
The Watcher in the Halls knightcommander 10,353 c
Whispers Chrono_Ryono u
The Wild Goose Chase Theevina 15,100 c
Winter Bells Pen Stroke u
Words Failed Her Nonsanity 7,163 c
Zecora Walks Through Poison Joke Prince Luna 1,085 c s
Zig Zag Love Akashic Brony 46,015 u c m Griffin x Zebra romance, war

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List of author pages

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Author Active since Story spotlights
Blueshift February 2011 Night of the Pinkie Pie
Two Peas In A Pod
Carmine January 2012 Off-Limits
Leaving Home
Scootaloo's Parents
Cereal Velocity April 2011 Accolade
Having a Ball
A Nightmare to Remember
CupcakesNom March 2011 Pinkie Pie's Incredible Interplanetary Super Prank
Darth Link 22 April 2012 Metamorphosis
About Last Night
Wedding Bell Blues
EpicGuy February 2012 The Warmth of a Fire
Upside Down
A Foal in A Mare's Body
FiMFlamFilosophy April 2011 Ask a Sadist
A Beautiful Day in Equestria
KamFiction December 2011 Spellbound
Pen Stroke April 2011
Rarity Belle April 2012 CupCakes 2
CupCakes 3
On Nightmares and Moons
RazedRainbow January 2012 Where All Roads Lead
The Mill
Redback Spino September 2011 The Statement of Twilight Sparkle
The Strange Music of Octavia
Scaling The Tower
SkelePone May 2015 Llamas: A Drama
The Chronicle of Relic
theworstwriter September 2011 Monster
Wrong Address, Bright Eyes
Dash's Date with Destiny
Toraka January 2012 Splitting aMid the Night
Wanderer D July 2011 The Three Sisters Trilogy
The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments

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