Fall of Anterfold Blood Storm 2
Creator(s) The Flaundflare Studios
Date published November 6, 2018
Type of game Neo horror, ambient horror
Platform/engine Windows/AnterEngine 5
Part of Fall of Anterfold
Based on KnatE's Fall of Anterfold

Fall of Anterfold Blood Storm is a fan-made My Little Pony game in the genre of neo horror and ambient horror, the sequel to Fall of Anterfold Blood Storm. Created and published by The Flaundlare Studios.


Three days remained to initiating of the ritual Blood Storm. After collecting all symbols, Angie Scarlett has learned the new information. To stop the ritual, she must kill two lords of chaos Astrait and Astarius. The symbols have shown the place where is one of them, Astrait. This place is abandoned school..


The gameplay got several changes. In first instead of static monsters were added Chaos Portals. Many of them can be used as restoration of ammo. Also, classic things such like pills was succesfully returned back.


The game received positive feedbacks. Damage Resist was the first thing which players have love. Also, hardcore got serious rebalance which lead to new tactical steps. From other changes were mentioned Chaos Portals and selection of the game difficulty.

The game was developed on AnterEngine 5.


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