Fall of Anterfold Blood Storm
Creator(s) The Flaundflare Studios
Date published October 26, 2018
Type of game Neo horror, ambient horror
Platform/engine Windows/AnterEngine 4
Part of Fall of Anterfold
Based on KnatE's Fall of Anterfold

Fall of Anterfold Blood Storm is a fan-made My Little Pony game in the genre of neo horror and ambient horror, the first game in the Blood Storm storyline, created and published by The Flaundlare Studios.


Zone 45, Lercrow City. Not far placed the border with Null Zone. Angie Scarlett investigates series of murders around street "Arjlayer". All victims have strange seals with different forms, trails lead to the system of old houses. Visiting one of them has given Angie some answers, one picture had strange creatures which held in hands the artifact. With the translation device, Angie got a set of symbols where was written Blood Storm.


The gameplay was changed, the combat has become harder and the game itself become more close to the game world. The main change is refusal to showing health status which is non-standard for Fall of Anterfold. Pain Threshold has added to the game more realism and fight itself become harder.


Generally, the game received positive feedback. One of them is adding of the Pain Threshold which seriously changed mechanics, also is the atmosphere which got changes because of adding the flashlight and its light system.

The game got the title "Most Hardest Part in the Franchise".


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