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This is the list of web resources that My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fans might be interested in.

Official sites[]

My Little Pony on Facebook Official Facebook page
My Little Pony at Hasbro The toy company which owns the brand
My Little Pony Hasbro The show's official site.
iTunes Downloadable FiM episodes
Netflix Instant streaming of episodes to a device or one's computer.
@MyLittlePony Official Twitter feed for the My Little Pony brand.
We Love Fine Hasbro-licensed, fan-designed MLP FiM merchandise
mylittlepony on YouTube Official YouTube channel
Zazzle Official MLP merchandise

Cast and crew[]

Daniel Ingram The show's songwriter's official website.
Jayson Thiessen Blog of the show's supervising director.
"Jinratgeist" An animator at Top Draw Animation who posts videos of his work process.
Lauren Faust The show's creator's deviantART homepage.
Sabrina Alberghetti Senior storyboard artist for FiM, occasionally answers fan questions.


Derpy News My Little Pony Hard-hitting TV animation news since 2010
Discord's Domain A news and discussion blog about Friendship is Magic
Equestria Daily A news and fanfiction blog about Friendship is Magic.

My Little Pony News

A veteran MLP news blog.
/r/mylittlepony Social link sharing site.

Forums[] Art & Roleplay Community (Inactive) FiM message board with a special focus on high quality, moderated roleplay and pony art, working hard to maintain a friendly, inviting and save enviroment for your pony RP adventures. Community & Roleplay MLP FiM site with art Gallery, comprehensive Roleplaying sections, Calendar, live Chat, game Arcade, and more! There is something for everypony! Family friendly (with separate/secure 18+ area), and past gens welcome!
Everypony Forums Everypony for themselves! Home of Everypony Radio, and general FiM chatter.
Friendship Is Magic Forums (Inactive) Forums dedicated to FiM, with live Chatbox, roleplay, and extensive off-topic section. Something for everyone, and family friendly (nothing NSFW). Everyone is welcome!
MLP Forums FiM & general discussion, episode downloads, calendar, and art gallery.
My Little Pony Arena MLP site that has been around since 2003. A site for all generations!
The My Little Pony Lexicon (Inactive) Forum centered around MLP Fanfic and Roleplays.
Ponygoons FiM and general discussion, founded by SomethingAwful's community.
r/mlplounge The My little pony lounge, or "Plounge", founded by users of r/mylittlepony for off topic discussion, now a distinct community with in-jokes, threads, and trends.
/r/MyLittleSupportGroup My Little Support group is a place for bronies to vent, talk about their problems, and seek and give emotional support
TransMLP A small niche community for bronies who are transgender, genderqueer, or otherwise outside the male and female gender binary.
UK of Equestria Established in December 2011, UK of Equestria is one of the longest-running communities for UK fans of Friendship is Magic. 

Roleplaying[] Art & Roleplay Community

Still small, but run by people with plenty of experience running an RP board. Very community oriented and featuring both show canon inspired RP and more freeform ones, all within the boardwide PG rating restriction.

Come and help us grow, and leave your mark in our RP world.

Canterlot Avenue A site for MLP: FIM roleplaying. Part of Poniverse network Community & Roleplay Awesome world map, live RP chat, FiM Roleplay section, free-for-all Roleplay area, and over 1000 character bios! Dedicated staff and family friendly, as well as a separate 18+ RP and discussion area.
Celestial Divide Very high quality MLP: FiM RP forum with extensive lore and setting, dedicated admins and players, and an overarcing plotline taking place all over the world Equestria is in.
Fillydelphia Forum and real time chat for Roleplaying Ponies.
Friendship is Magic RPG Forum and real time chat for Roleplaying Ponies.
PonySquare Roleplaying site for FiM fans. Inspired by Facebook.

Social networking[]

Bronies New Zealand Facebook group for FiM fans in New Zealand
Friendship is Magic FB page

Unofficial Facebook community

My Little Brony! Bronies at their BEST Massive Facebook group for FiM fans
BronySquare Social networking site for FiM fans. Inspired by Facebook.  Created by the same people as PonySquare
Rainbow Dash Network Social networking site for FiM fans. Inspired by Twitter.
The Brony and Pegasister lounge Massive Facebook group for FiM fans


Bronibooru Anonymous image repository
deviantART My Little Pony Groups on deviantART
Fillydelphia Art Gallery Pony dedicated Artist's gallery
Derpibooru Anonymous image repository.
ColoringPages4Kidz My Little Pony coloring pages for kids.
PonySFM Pony related stuff for Source Filmmaker 


TheBestPony A chill pony stream and chat. Active chat.
CinemaQuestria Brony streaming and chat website. A video sharing site for bronies, they also do livestreaming of new My Little Pony episodes.
PonyStreams A centralized location where online My Little Pony livestreams are shown, usually dealing with fan art.
PonyVideos A site for watching My Little Pony fan-made videos.


Celestia Radio Streaming radio (.pls and flash) for pony music and song database.
Brony Music Directory List of Brony Musicians
BronyTunes Music Archive, Player and radio
Equestria Radio Streaming radio (.m3u) for pony music
Everypony Sings Site where you can get sheet music and guitar chords.
Horse Music Herald Site showcasing brony music by brony musicians and music enthusiasts.
MLP Songs Songs from the show in MP3 format.
My Little Remix Forum for Musicians A place for brony musicians to host their tracks and listen to others
Pony mix Central Blog where you can find and submit new pony Fan-songs and Remixes.
Ponyville Live Provides quick access to many different brony radio stations
The Royal Genre Archive A list of music genres that gives an example of pony music for each. Other lists relating to pony music are also found here.

Fan fiction[] Friendship is Magic fan fiction repository
Pony Fiction Archive Friendship is Magic fan fiction archive and forum


Brony Show


Pony My Little Pony imageboard.
Ponychan FiM imageboard, founded by 4chan's /b/ community.

Video games[]

Brohoof A Minecraft community for building Equestria with an entrance exam.
Equestria Gaming A website dedicated to brony's fan games and possible official games.
Equestria Gaming Arcade An online Arcade for Flash/HTML5/Unity MLP fangames.
Legends of Equestria A 3D MMO fan game project based on MLP:FiM.
My Little Pony Flash Games A Fan-mad website where you can play lots of my little pony online games
MLP: Fighting is Magic A fan-made fighting game project made by Mane6 and based on MLP:FiM.
MLP FiM Xfire Community An xfire community for MLP:FiM.
MLP Steam Group Exactly what it says on the tin. Steam is an online videogame service.
My Little Investigations (D.D.) A fan game project based on MLP:FiM and inspired by Ace Attorney.
My Little Pony Adventures Game info An adventurous RPG game loaded with custom art and laughter. Features 2 separate battle systems (Blizz ABS and Front view).
Mine Little Crafty A MLP-Themed Minecraft server.
PoniArcade Minecraft Is a collection of My Little Pony-themed Minecraft servers 
Pony Platforming Project III

A platformer starring Colgate, featuring Trixie, Derpy, Doctor Whooves, and more.

Super Smash Ponies A fan game based on MLP:FiM and inspired by Super Smash Bros.
X little Pony Games This website have many great pony games with some good educational skills


Bronies Wiki Fan-created ponies
FiM Wiki The original
My Little Brony Wiki Covers Fan material & ponies
My Little Wiki My Little Pony wiki for all generations, including G4 toys and media.
TVTropes MLPFiM page Community-edited list of television conventions used in the show.
Fallout Equestria Wiki Covers Fallout: Equestria and related fan works.
MLP Gameloft Wiki Covers the mobile game released by Gameloft.
My Little Pony Collectible Card Game Wiki Covers the official Hasbro card game by Enterplay, LLC
The Rift Cafe Covers the brony analysts community
G5 My Little Pony Wiki Covers all aspects of generation five, from toys to media.
My Little Pony G5 Wiki Another G5 wiki.

Non-English links[]

bronies Austria news and fandom blog:

DeviantArt-Group: A czech forum for bronies. A German forum for bronies. A Finnish forum for bronies. A Dutch brony community.
Bronies Polska Facebook group for FiM fans in Poland
Brony Thai Facebook group for FiM fans in Thailand and South East Asia.
Cutie Mark Crusaders An Italian forum for bronies.
Czech and Slovak Bronies A Czech and Slovak facebook group
Equestria A FiM roleplay forum for Russian-speaking players. A Russian FiM blog which also has Forum
For Glorious Equestria A Polish news and fandom blog about Friendship is Magic. Similar to Equestria Daily.
French Brony A French forum for bronies.
Frenchy~Ponies A French forum for bronies.
Le Poney Blanc A French news and fandom blog about Friendship is Magic. Inspirated by Equestria Daily.
MLPPolska A Polish forum for bronies.
PonyMemes A Polish site for sharing My Little Pony memes.
Radio Brony French streaming radio for pony music
Sponish Herd A Spanish news and fandom blog about Friendship is Magic. Formerly known as
Svenska Bronies A Swedish forum for bronies.


Woona Music A Polish Site showcasing brony music, similar to Horse Music Herald
/p/ - Kucyki A Polish imageboard.


Pony Countdown Countdown to the next episode.
Bejeweled Rarity The first and only fansite dedicated to Rarity.
HoofSounds A brony radio, video, and chat browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
My Little Brony Part of the CheezBurger network, home of all memes My Little Pony.
MyLittleFaceWhen A large archive for pony reaction images.
Poniverse Is a super community that runs multiple brony fan sites. These include MLP Forums,,, PoniArcade, Ponyville Live and Canterlot Avenue
The Pony Archive A mess of files and thousands of videos and their descriptions. Including the now close music archive
Think Pink! My Little Pony Shop A shop for MLP G1-3 ponies, accessories, playsets, miscellaneous and many other great collectible toys.