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The European Pony Conventions Union (or EPCU) was a multinational organization that existed between 2013 and 2016, that aimed to create a recognized standard for My Little Pony conventions—ensuring they were properly budgeted, competently managed, and reflected positively on the brony fandom at large.[1]

The founding of the EPCU was largely driven by the high-profile collapse of Las Pegasus Unicon in the United States.[2] The organization's ruling committee was made up of representatives from the member conventions.[1]

Conventions had to meet seven criteria to be considered for EPCU membership:[1][3]

  1. Be a registered and legally recognized organization within Europe.
  2. Have an organized funding plan.
  3. Have a public relations plan.
  4. Respect intellectual property.
  5. Be family-friendly.
  6. Be transparent about how the convention operates.
  7. Have held at least one previous convention.

Member conventions[]

At the time the EPCU ceased operations the following conventions maintained active membership:[3]

  • Brony Days, France
  • BronyScot, United Kingdom
  • BUCK, United Kingdom
  • Crystal Fair, Finland
  • GalaCon, Germany
  • Hearth's Warming Con, Netherlands


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