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Eurobeat Brony and Odyssey are among the pseudonyms used by a composer of popular remixes of songs featured in the show. He is a professional composer specializing in the genre of Eurobeat.[1]

Super Ponybeat

His first contribution to the pony music scene was a remix of Evil Enchantress,[2] first published on YouTube in January 2011, with remixes of most of the other season-one songs soon to follow, all under the label of "Super Ponybeat". While the Evil Enchantress is the earliest dated fan music track about My Little Pony Friendship is Magic on YouTube, Eurobeat Brony stated in an interview with BMD that he thinks perhaps some other musicians may have posted fan music on 4chan prior to its release.[3]

He has also composed a remix of an older My Little Pony Song (Call Upon the Seaponies, from the My Little Pony TV special) and several pieces of music inspired by, but not based on the show, such as theme songs for Luna and Discord, both of which also feature his vocals. Some of the remixes feature vocals as well, though mostly at the beginning and ending of a song.

The remixes are available for streaming on YouTube, where a link to a medium-quality download is usually provided. Higher-quality versions can be downloaded on the Odyssey Music Bandcamp page. Downloads of alternate versions (vocal-free for the songs, for instance) are also frequently available. Since most of the music consists of remixes of songs originally composed by Daniel Ingram, it is free to download, but donations are also accepted. The Bandpuffs channel used to host new remixes.

Eurobeat Brony was mentioned in an online Rolling Stone article about show composer Daniel Ingram, and a remix by The Living Tombstone of his Discord song was embedded as well.[4]


Show song
Remix published
My Little Pony theme songEuropener Mix3:382011-05-19
Laughter SongParasprite Remix2:422011-02-07
Pinkie's Gala Fantasy Song none
The Ticket SongItalo Nostalgia Mix2:372011-08-08
Hop Skip and Jump song none
Evil Enchantress songEuro Spell Mix3:152011-01-27guitar mix also available on Bandcamp
Winter Wrap UpEuro Spring Mix4:592011-01-29
Cupcake SongSweetBeat Mix3:352011-03-17last Bandpuffs release
Art of the DressEuro Fashion Mix4:282011-02-16155 BPM version also available on Bandcamp
Hush Now LullabyStay Up Late Mix4:032011-02-26
Cutie Mark Crusaders SongBlankFlank Mix3:202011-04-16
You Got to Share, You Got to CareSpaghetti Western Mix3:252011-03-29A version without Joe and Ralph talking is also on Bandcamp.
So Many WondersEuroSky Mix4:012011-04-17
Pinkie Pie's Singing TelegramPostal Mix3:322011-08-07
At the GalaFinale Mix4:402011-05-09A version without Joe and Ralph talking is also on Bandcamp.
I'm at the Grand Galloping Gala none
Pony Pokey none
Find A Pet SongEuro Mix3:472012-01-12
Becoming Popular
(The Pony Everypony Should Know)
Canterlo-Disco Mix2:592011-12-07
The Heart CarolEurohoho Mix2:522011-12-20
Happy Monthiversary none
Piggy Dance none
The Flim Flam BrothersLocomotion Mix5:052012-03-04first remix with full vocals; instrumental available on Bandcamp
The Perfect StallionEuromance Mix3:072012-02-23
Smile SongEuro Cheer Mix5:402012-03-13
Cranky Doodle Donkey none
Welcome Song none
Cranky Doodle Joy none
B.B.B.F.F.Euro Memory Mix3:152012-04-26
This Day Aria, Part 1 (Cadence Aria)
This Day Aria, Part 2 Information icon blue
Changeling Mix4:192012-06-06alternate vocal version
Hyper Techno Mix4:202012-07-17 alternate vocal version
Love Is In Bloom Full Bloom Mix4:212012-06-22A version without Joe and Ralph talking is also on Bandcamp.
The Failure Song none
The Ballad of the Crystal Empire none
The Success Song none
Babs Seed Reconciled Mix3:292012-12-10
Raise This Barn Hoedown Mix4:082013-02-15
Morning in Ponyville Dazed Mix2:472013-03-17
What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me none
I've Got to Find a Way none
A True, True Friend Euro Bliss Mix4:412013-10-25Only available with vocalsInformation icon blue
Celestia's Ballad none
Behold, Princess Twilight Sparkle none
Life in Equestria none


Published May 20, 2011
Duration 4:29
Type/genre Eurobeat, Metal
Related to The DREAM MODE version

Luna is Odyssey's first original song, and one of the oldest original songs from the fandom. The narrator of the song is neither Luna nor Celestia, but another character undergoing a similar ordeal to Luna's banishment to the moon. The song's coda is a symphonic metal segment with growled vocals symbolizing the transformation into Nightmare Moon, which is further embellished by having the growled lyrics be zalgoified in the description. Some fans did not like the growled vocals, prompting the creation of a "DREAM MODE" version where the original coda is excluded. The original song was renamed as the "NIGHTMARE MODE" version. There are also vocal only, instrumental, uncorrected vocal, and nightlife jazz instrumental versions available on his Bandcamp. The song remains one of the most well known songs in the fandom and has inspired countless remixes, such as one by The Living Tombstone and a dubstep remix by DJ AlexS, and covers, such as Forest Rain's Alt Mode and Tarby's Dnb/Metal reinterpretation.

Other music

(Mostly) original songs
2011-09-04Call Upon the Sea Ponies (EuroSHOOBEDOO Mix) 2:39 remix of a G1 song
2011-10-06Discord (EuroChaos Mix)4:27original song; vocal-only and instrumental versions added later on Bandcamp.
2012-04-27Diamond Dogs (Euro Dirt Mix)4:54originally instrumental only; vocal version added later
2013-04-28Mirai Start! (Euro-Senpai Mix)5:18remix of the full version of the first Japanese OP theme
2013-06-02Fly (Euro Flight Mix)4:37original song; inspired by Griffon the Brush Off
2014-04-03Batty4:27original song; inspired by Bats!

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