Ernestjohn18, aka Shard Vine and BloomingStar is a filipino writer who makes fan-fiction OC stories. He publish his work on FimFiction. He currently use the name 'Shard Vine' in his FimFic account

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Before being a brony, Ernest was once known for making Downfall Parodies and playing video games 24/7. He was very addicted that he could not even find a replacement to those hobbies.

As time went by, he starting feeling bored, doing the same routine over and over again, thought he still loved playing and video making. He was a smart student when high school, but he wouldnt want to recieve any special awards or honors since all he ever wanted was to be free and nothing else.

Since one night last May 2013, he began to feel the curiosity of a short scene that was included in a Michael Rosen YTP. He was so curious to find out the kind of source to that scene. The only answer that he could ever think of was the word 'pony'. He tried searching it on youtube, but to no avail as he could not find the real answer. He decided to type one thing that really embarassed him, thought he was alone that night. He typed My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and it revealed the answer he was waiting for.

At first, he was stunned to see ponies since he was not yet familiar with the show yet. He saw the word 'Brony' in one of the videos, so he decided to search its meaning. After finding it out, he realized that he was starting to feel wierd, searching a kid's show is all. He watched the first video and then the second one, in turn, he started shouting for no reason. The next day, he felt something strange in his mind, watching pony videos made him interested. He then declared himself as a brony.

By December 2013, he found a website called as he was trying to find something to do just to get out of boredom other than games. He looked to see romance stories, tragedy ones, and sad parts. He was very interested to those stories and decided to make his own. This was where he created his first OC, Shard Vine ( Originaly Eternum ) . He tried making a story that involved an OC x Apple Bloom type. The first wasn't good at first, but it really made realized that he loved reading stories. He made another one, this time making a little more complicated as he tried to make sense to it. As time passed, he learned how to make a story through expressing his emotions and the course of imagination.

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Past tense usage and in third person

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