Equestria Dude
Other names EquestriaDude
Known as Musician
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Equestria Dude is a male musician. He is a part of BeatleBrony but also makes his own songs. He can sing as well as play the acoustic and electric guitar.

List of compositions

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2012-07-14 Shoot Like a Wonderbolt 4:02 Rock 'n' Roll Collab with Hergest Ridge
2012-07-21 I'm Your Friend 2:55 Pop-Punk Collab with Poni1Kenobi
2012-07-26 In Order of Chaos 4:13
2012-07-29 Want the Night (Luna Rise) 3:54 Pub-Rock
2012-08-14 Trix 3:33
2013-01-25 I'm A Diamond Dog 3:38
2013-02-08 Fly Filly Fly 3:24 Acoustic/Electric Rock Collab with Hergest Ridge
2013-03-09 Set Free 4:06
2013-06-19 Moonlight Serenity 3:38 Electronic/Bass

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