Equestria Divided
Writer(s) PoorYorick
Status Cancelled/Hiatus
Type/genre War, Grimdark, Alternate Universe
Featuring Mane 6, Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, Trixie, Spike, Zecora, Iron Will, Big Macintosh, Apple Bloom, Granny Smith, Braeburn, Little Strongheart, Sweetie Belle, Diamond Tiara, Fancy Pants, Fleur de Lis, Spitfire, Soarin, Gilda, Scootaloo, Cranky Doodle, Pound & Pumpkin Cake, Derpy Hooves, Mayor Mare, Queen Chrysalis, Nurse Redheart, Flim & Flam, Lightning Dust, Roseluck, Daisy, Lily, Fleetfoot, Flitter
Show connection Post-Season 2
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Equestria Divided is an alternate timeline setting created by PoorYorick where the Regal Sisters, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, suddenly disappeared one day without a trace. What followed in their absence was a series of power struggles that ultimately split the land of Equestria into six warring Factions, each led by one of the Element-Bearers of Harmony who are intent on rebuilding Equestria in their personal image. There are also many internal and external threats, such as the Changelings, that are seizing upon the opportunities caused by the turmoil to further their own agenda.

Series Introduction

Peace and Harmony have gone with the sudden disappearance of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. What followed soon afterward was an internal struggle to fill the void left by the regal sisters... and a gradual decline that plunged Equestria into an evil era of hardship and uncertainty.

All that is left now is a land ruled everyday by violence and death... with six factions competing against each other for supremacy of the land... and the annihilation of all others.

This is... Equestria Divided.


Celestia and Luna are no more. They just vanished without a trace.

Some say they died, others believe they're still alive but trapped somewhere. Equestria is in chaos, ponies don't know what to make of the fact that Sun and Moon still seem to keep their usual cycle, even though the royal sisters are gone.

After several uprisings, the elements of harmony decide to take matters in their hooves, however they soon realize they no longer share similar views on the nature of Equestria.

Twilight seems to be the only one still believing in the royal sisters and so - plans to follow their legacy by trying to force an alicorn transformation. With help of Rainbow Dash, who is still loyal to her friend, and Pinkie who reluctantly agrees after Applejack declares Twilight insane, the purple unicorn attempts the transformation.

The results are mortifying - Pinkie is apparently dead, Dash is severely wounded and the rest of the elements turns against Twilight and vow to find their own way to fix the problem.

Fast forward 15 years later - Equestria is divided between five major houses: House Moon and Star, House Everfree, House Earthborn, House Stormwing and House Whitegold. Add to that a mysterious cult on the rise called the Cult of Laughter, and everpresent threat of changeling invasion and you have a recipe for PURE CHAOS.


  • The Everfree Liege
  • The Laughing Mare


Equestria Divided has gathered a significant fanbase of 500+ followers which have founded their own group on and written several fanfics. Despite the fact that Yorick has stopped working on the project and deactivated his second DA account, fans are continuing to make stories and art based on his works.

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