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Because the seasonal changes in the show don't appear to match its broadcast order (which is mostly identical to its production order), there are a number of attempts by fans to put the episodes into a proper chronological order. This is particularly true for the first season, where these shifts are very pronounced, with "Fall Weather Friends" having aired shortly after "Winter Wrap Up". When asked about this, Lauren Faust explained that the latter episode was simply written earlier because the idea of ponies controlling the weather needed to be introduced first, and that a consistent chronology was not one of the writers' concerns at the time.[1] Recently this has been further complicated with season 4 revealing that the previous 3 seasons all took place in the same year.

Non-linear attempts[]

A timeline by RusselH was originally published on July 5, 2011; that version was taken offline and replaced by a revised image five days later. As such, it only covers the first season. It is not a straight timeline, but connects episodes by lines which link them directly, leaving some episodes with uncertain placement.

A text-based version by RadiantVoid takes a similar approach. It was published on April 6, 2012 and goes up to the episode Dragon Quest.

Straight timelines[]

The My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic timeline
Creator(s) buc555
Date added April 26, 2012
Duration 14:55

A video by buc555 posted shortly after the end of the second season goes through every episode in broadcast order, briefly making the case for a specific chronological placement. This timeline covers one-and-a-half years, from the show's first episode to Hearts and Hooves Day, which he considers the last, chronologically.

Uniquely, buc555 places Putting Your Hoof Down even before the show's pilot, meaning that Pinkie and Rarity were Fluttershy's friends before they met Twilight. He goes into more detail about his rationale in a previously-released video, taking into consideration the lack of Twilight and Spike and an assumed inconsistency were it to take place after Dragonshy. He does acknowledge that Fluttershy writes a letter to Princess Celestia in the end, casting doubt upon that interpretation, but says he operates under the assumption that some of the friendship reports may have been written retrospectively, making these episodes essentially flashbacks.


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