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Emilythebrawler is a pegasister artist, voice actress, and a animatior. She oftens does art about Bin Weevils. She also has a deviantART and YouTube account. So far she has three OCs: Space Speed, Emix, and Jackhammer.


Before she became a pegasister, Emily joined a now popular site called Bin Weevils in 2009. Since then, she became a famous weevil. She even got her own site called Bin Weevils Super Site. In 2012, after watching My Little Pony on YouTube, she became a pegasister. She created three OCs in 2013 and might make three more to make her own "Mane Six". She is currently planning to be a animator. She is also a good voice actress. She also wrote a fan-made ending to The Elements of Insanity. Once she has all six oc ponies she will create a british version of the Mane Six and their own story and elements.


In November 2013, she invented a couple between Pinkie Pie and Bin Weevils Character Fling. She has 2 reasons

  1. Both loves parties
  2. They dance good


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