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Eileen Montgomery
Known as Musician
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EileMonty is a British artist, actress, and singer. As much of her work is done in collaboration with others, many of the videos on her channel are comic dubs.

I Am Octavia[]

I Am Octavia
[Titanium Parody]
Creator(s) EileMonty
Lyrics Kadajkitten
Vocals EileMonty
Published March 26, 2013
Duration 4:47
Based on Titanium by David Guetta

I Am Octavia [Titanium Parody] is the most popular non-comic dub video on EileMonty's YouTube channel. The song contains musical and nonmusical elements in order to tell a story.

It begins with Octavia (EileMonty) calling Vinyl Scratch (Nowacking) to see if she will come to one of Octavia's concerts. When Vinyl tells Octavia that she forgot and would be too busy working with Neon Lights, Octavia miserably tells Vinyl that she is never there for her and goes on to tell Vinyl that their friendship is over before hanging up and preparing for the concert. While Vinyl grieves, a female pony (EileMonty) tells Octavia that it's time for her to perform and the song begins. The song seems to be about Octavia's refusal to let the inappearance of Vinyl get her down. In the middle of the song, Vinyl rushes out of the recording studio in order to see Octavia's concert and apologize. However, the security guard (Wild Cards) won't let her through. Vinyl attempts to get past the guard but fails. When the song ends, Octavia gets a phone call (presumably from Vinyl).

The song is a parody of Titanium by David Guetta. There are download links on the video's YouTube page which either include or don't include the acting. I Am Octavia was spotlighted on Equestria Daily.[1]

A music video by Subtractitor using SFM was featured on Equestria Daily.[2][3] A more popular music video was uploaded by TehJadeh on August 6, 2013, with full 2D animation.[4] The lyrics have been translated into 14 different languages and the video has over one million views. Like the other video, this one was also featured on Equestria Daily.[5] A part of this song is included in AnimatedJames' Brony Polka. The story itself has also inspired a few fanfics.[6][7][8]

During an interview on the YouTube channel Aficionados Chris, EileMonty had announced a "sequel" to I Am Octavia which will focus more on Vinyl Scratch than Octavia herself.[9]

Other voice work[]

Fan work Video Creator Date Role Notes
Happy Birthday, Berry Sweet JanAnimations 2012-07-28 Apple Bloom
Sweetie Belle
Picture Perfect Pony
Official Music Video Animation
JanAnimations 2012-07-31 Photo Finish
ROYAL LUNCH Galaxyart 2012-09-21 Derpy
Foal Musicians Galaxyart 2013-01-30 Octavia
Vinyl Scratch
Double Rainboom Zachary Rich 2013-03-30 Bubbles
Mémoires of Equestria:
Princess Coronation
Galaxyart 2013-04-19 Rarity
MLP - Eternity's End:
Whispers From The Moon
Galaxyart 2013-07-06 Princess Luna
Button's Adventures JanAnimations 2013-08-04 Cream Heart
Euro Bronies UNITE superpsyguy 2013-08-26 Lady Britannia
Royal Duties (animation) SubZeroVector 2013-11-29 Princess Celestia
PONIES: The Anthology III JHaller 2013-12-07 Fluttershy ("Skyrim")
Rarity ("Diamonds")
Octavia ("On The Battlefield")

Other music[]

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2012-12-10 EPRBoE #3 Iron Will VS Zecora 2:00 Voice of Zecora
2013-04-01 Only A Muffin 2:39
2013-06-11 Falling In The Sky 3:27 Collaboration with Sim Gretina
2013-11-10 Inside 3:15 Collaboration with Austin Hull
2013-11-18 Glad I Met You 1:24 Commissioned by ZergPriest
2014-02-03 Do You Want To See The Moon Rise? 3:49 Collaboration with MEMJ0123
2014-02-26 Eeeyup I'm In Love With You 1:24 Commissioned by Kyomi
2015-07-20 Strangers 4:00 pop-punk Collaboration with Scratch21

Comic dubs[]

Published Title Length Comic Artist Notes
2012-09-22 Lyra's Secret 0:30 [1] Fadri
2013-02-06 Princess Flyer 1:18 [2] PixelKitties
2013-04-14 Rainbow Power 1:28 [3] PikaPetey
2013-04-14 Apple Family Dinner 0:58 [4] PikaPetey
2013-05-18 Trans-farmers 0:46 [5] PixelKitties
2013-06-13 Equestria Girls 0:12 [6] Suikuzu
2013-06-14 Equestria Girls Ending Scene 1:37 [7] CrimsonBugEye
2013-06-25 Introducing Family Members 0:26 [8] Coltsteelstallion
2013-06-29 Out With Another Apple 0:24 [9] Coltsteelstallion
2013-09-02 Be Cool 0:37 [10] Coltsteelstallion
2013-09-11 A Special Gift 0:23 [11] Coltsteelstallion
2014-02-25 Curse You, Poseidon! 0:36 [12] Veggie55


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