Dreams, Nightmares, and Friendships is a story written by Nite_Lite. it centers around Darkrai (From Poke

Dreams, Nightmares, and Friendships
New Moon

Writer(s) Nite_Lite
Date published September 13, 2012
Words 17,151
Status Complete
Type/genre Romance, Crossover, Slice of life
Featuring Darkrai, Spike, Mane 6
Based on Pokemon
Show connection unknown
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mon MD) who is Equestria as a pegasus, and has lost his memory.


The story is told from the POVs of Darkrai the ponies and the other Pokemon


When the Mane Six find a strange black pegasus passed out near Ponyville, at first they're unsure of his intentions. What if he's there to cause trouble, or what if he's another evil they have to defeat with the Elements of Harmony? The suspicions surrounding this black stallion only deepen when he awakens, and introduces himself as Darkrai. Trying not to be judgmental of his appearance, the Mane Six allow him to stay one night in Ponyville; so how were they to know the night he appeared was the night that a trouble-maker would show his face in Ponyville, and unintentionally help Darkrai to prove that he has nothing but good intentions?

How will Darkrai get his memories back? Who was he before he woke up as an amnesiac? Most importantly, what will happen if he was a bad person before his amnesia set in?


A black pegasus wake up near the Everfree by a unfriendly Rainbow Dash and has no memeory of who he is but his name "Darkrai" while Rainbow is at first unkind to Darkrai the ponies let Darkrai stay in ponyville, on the first night Darkrai rescues Rarity from a mugger, in term Rarity develops a small crush on Darkrai and tells the otehr ponies of how he saved her, much to the jealusy of Spike. Meanwhile in the Pokemon world the MD team is trying to locate Darkai while Cresselia (who harbors a great hatered twoards the Pitch black pokemon) will not rest until he is dead

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