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Active since July 2013
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Dragonfoxgirl is a brony artist and animator from Paraguay. She is notable in the My Little Pony fandom for having a very fluffy-looking ponysona.

Comic works

Sunny Star

Sunny Star
Sunny Star MLP Comic panel 12 by Dragonfoxgirl
Writer/artist Dragonfoxgirl
Date published November 30, 2015
Type/genre Slice-of-life
Featuring Starlight Glimmer

Sunny Star is a fanmade My Little Pony comic drawn by Dragonfoxgirl.

Following the events of the season five finale, in which Starlight Glimmer is reformed and Twilight Sparkle takes her on as a student, Twilight is excited for Starlight to start making new friends in Ponyville. She reminds Starlight, however, that while starting a new and better chapter in one's life can be fulfilling, one should not forget connections that one has made in the past.

Twilight tells Starlight that there is someone waiting to reconnect with her, and through Twilight's guidance, Starlight has a tearful reunion with her old friend Sunburst.

After the Show

After the Show
After the Show Comic panel 8 by Dragonfoxgirl
Writer/artist Dragonfoxgirl
Date published May 7, 2016
Type/genre Slice-of-life
Featuring Rainbow Dash

After the Show is a fanmade My Little Pony comic drawn by Dragonfoxgirl.

After the events of the season six episode Newbie Dash, Rainbow Dash is tasked with cleaning up the Wonderbols performance grounds by herself. As she sweeps up, Soarin comes by, holding a broom and offering to help. Without saying a word, Rainbow Dash accepts Soarin's help, and the two clean up together.

Animated works

Pushing Rainbows

Pushing Rainbows
Date added June 6, 2016
Duration 4:06
Voices Keyframe
Edward James

Pushing Rainbows is an animated video created by Dragonfoxgirl that takes place after the season five episode Flutter Brutter, featuring Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's brother Zephyr Breeze.

One night some time after his graduation ceremony, Zephyr Breeze sits alone looking up at the full moon. Rainbow Dash comes up, playfully startling him. She asks him how he feels to have graduated and finished something for once in his life, but he admits to being a little sad because he didn't truly finish on his own—he had to be pushed by his sister and Rainbow.

Rainbow Dash argues that Zephyr did indeed finish on his own; she and Fluttershy may have cheered him on, but his own determination also helped drive him forward. As she puts it, everyone needs a little help sometimes, but it doesn't detract from one's accomplishments in the end.

Rainbow's encouraging words lift Zephyr out of his depression, and he laughs. After a bit of playful teasing between the two, they gaze up at the moon side by side, and Zephyr gives Rainbow a genuine thank-you.


Published Title Duration Notes
2015-11-17 The Confrontation on Luna and Night 4:50
2016-02-03 Floppy Steps 0:50
2016-04-11 DARK KING (Music Video) 3:59 Music by TheMusicReborn
and Mary Medley
2016-05-05 Cadence's Lullaby 0:49 Vocals by Dragonfoxgirl


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