Dr. Anonymous

 This artical is about Dr. Anonymous. He is the original writer of the stories, Vinyl and Anon's Buisness, There is Always a Choice, My Mother is a Princess, and is working on an Octavia story.

About the Author

Dr. Anonymous posts his work on the image board /mlp/. His first work was the massively successful, Vinly and Anon's Buisness. He is currently working on the Octavia story, and a sequal to first story, which he has named, Vinyl and Anon's Adventure.


-Dr. Anonymous chose his tag because he desires to be a doctor.

-He currently works as a nurse.

-He has posted that, "White music pone is best pone"

-When he posts his stories, he frequently asks for feedback to ensure his readers enjoy his work.

-His fans often refer to him as the Good Doctor.

-He set up an email just for ideas, feedback, and fanart.

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