Double the Wave is a story wirtten by Blacktastic, it is a sequel to Double the Bass.

Double the Wave
Soundwave,G1 and Prime

Writer(s) Blacktastic
Date published April, 7 2013
Words 3,532
Status incomplete
Type/genre Random, Adventure, Croosover, Alternate Univrese
Featuring Vinyl, Doctor Hooves
Part of Blacktastics Double the Bass series
Based on Transformers G1 and Transformers Prime
Related to Double the Bass
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One year after the Canterlot invasion Soundwave, Starscream, and the Minicons are proven to be reformed and are left alone by the Autobots with Vinyl Scratch. But when an opportunity arises that's just too good for Starscream to pass up, the very fabric of time and space is threatened. Soundwave, Vinyl Scratch, and the Minicons must now save all the universe with some unlikely, but familiar allies


Soundwave (G1)


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