Double Rainbow
Double Rainbow Cover

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Writer(s) ProBrono
Date published August 3, 2011 (Director's Cut)
Words 1,961 (original)
3,869 (Director's Cut)
Status Complete
Type/genre Comedy
Featuring Rainbow Dash

Double Rainbow is a comedy written by ProBrono. It involves a cloned Rainbow Dash.


Originally written for a contest, the author later expanded the story. This "Director's Cut" incorporates the original story fully, with very few changes to the earlier material, so that beginning and ending are identical. The new version adds several scenes in the middle worth almost 1,900 words.


The story begins with Twilight botching a spell. Instead of freeing Rainbow Dash from one of Pinkie's pranks, she accidentally manages to clone the Pegasus. Rainbow Dash and Rainbow Dash 2 instantly take to one another and convince Twilight not to undo the magic before they have a chance to hang out. Much to Applejack's chagrin, the two Dashs are pleased to note that they have everything in common and start making out in mid-air.

Pinkie wants her own clone to help her throw parties, but Twilight once again messes up the spell. Instead of Pinkie 2, she conjures up Rainbow Dash 3. The new clone promptly gets entangled in a messy love triangle that is resolved by a Rainbowy threesome. Applejack then tries to convince Twilight to cast a "de-cloning" spell, but after observing how "beautiful" the three Dashes are together, Twilight refuses.

Months later, a small filly wanders onto Fluttershy's premises. She looks suspiciously like a baby version of Rainbow Dash, and Dash later admits as much, though she won't admit just how she managed to produce a child with her clone. She calls the filly "Number Twenty-Three" and is unwilling to explain that, as well.

Several more months pass, until one day a whole bunch of grown Rainbow Dash clones burst into the library. They inform the ponies who are present, including Twilight, that they are tired of the monarchy and are planning to overthrow Celestia. They want a "democracy" instead, one where every Rainbow Dash has a vote.

The army of Rainbows then move on to Canterlot, where they are not successful in executing their plans. Celestia has apparently had similar ideas before, and the Dashes are no match for several dozen Celestia clones. They lose the battle and are all banished to the moon, where they pass the time by occasionally "writing" rude messages on its surface with their bodies.


  • "I don't believe it is possible for this to be rated" -EqD Pre-reader #2
  • "It will be CRUCIFIED by the community" -EqD Pre Reader #10
  • "How the hell did you talk me into posting this?" -Sethisto

Many readers found the story silly, yet nonetheless humorous. The story currently holds a 5-Star rating on Equestria Daily.[1]

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