About the project

Doctor Whooves: An Unfortunate Birth is an upcoming 2017 audio drama special project with three parts, with an incomplete voice cast and a volunteering crew. The project is going to be aired by a youtube channel known as MareBronyMusicProductions, it has seeked interest by others over at casting call club with announcements released on youtube. It still needs more staff to start and support the project and it has been written/scripted by theMareBrony and her co-writer StarGalaxsity. The project is supposed to be about a future where a returning Doctor Who foe the Master (Speedy Tempo) as a green unicorn stallion with his loyal companion Mare Stories rule Equestria, and the Doctor and Lyra have to stop the reign from continuing. On the other two parts however, the project on casting call club hints that the Master and Mare will have descendants Princess Amethyst (Orchidtale) and her unloyal brother Prince Watch who aims to bring peace back to Equestria, once and for all.

Voice Cast & Crew

As of April 2017, here is the current voice cast and crew:

Voice Actors:

artypaints as Nurse 1# and Calli

ihsfilms as Trainer

Wubcake as Mare Bartender

Speedy Tempo as the Master (personally hired)

Evidence can be found at:

Announcements can be found at:


D Flat Minor as the Audio Editor and Music Composer

Loyalty Steak as Audio Editor

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