Dizzy Twister
Dizzy Twister 1
A Dizzy Twister vector
Other names Orange Swirl
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Dizzy Twister is a background character appearing in the show. She is a pegasus with three tornadoes as her cutie mark. In the show, she has participated in both the Best Young Flier competition in Sonic Rainboom and in the Running of the Leaves in Fall Weather Friends. She has been an occasional subject in fan art and fan fiction.

Portrayal in Fandom

The most famous paring that has been made is the relationship between Dizzy and Colin Stewart, the stories of this pairing can be found here. [dubious – discuss] Dizzy Twister is also one of the main characters in the web-comic Friendship is Tragic. She is seen to be gullible and not very bright.

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