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Welcome, my dear readers. My name is Sean Peetermans aka Dinodisneylover1. When I became unexpectedly a brony, new doors have opened before me. I'm fan of a lot of things. The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Disney, Geronimo Stilton (TV series),... Just to name a few. Ask me what else I am fan of and I'll tell.

When I heard of the new generation of 'My Little Pony' by a youtuber who's also fan of it, I just wanted to ignore it. I didn't want to have anything to do with it in the first place. But the youtuber convinced me to watch a few episodes. And so, I gave him his way. I watched a few and I still wanted to ignore it after watching it. But then after watching a few more things of the show all by myself, my eyes became wide. Something in that show attracted me. It opened new doors and became part of the things that I love. Little by little, I read, watched and learned more about it. I was also surprised they used parts of famous movies, series and books. In a show that was supposed to be for girls, I didn't expect something like that. This show is perfect and is for everyone. Now I'm what you can call a 'Die Hard' fan of the show. I have to thank that youtuber. Without him, I wouldn't have experienced this. He's known as 'HunterxColleen2'. I told my cousins about it and they found it awesome. I showed them my favorite episode from Season 4 'Power Ponies' since I'm also a Marvel and DC Comics fan.

I also began to read stories on Fanfiction and I also used the characters there. My most known stories are 'The Ultimate Alliance series'. They can only be found on Fanfiction. Now, I'm also here on Fimfiction to write more new stories straight from my mind and with the help of watching movies and TV series.

That's all I have to say at the moment. I'm glad to have a few followers at the beginning and hope that there will be more. Enjoy my stories. Hail to the princesses!

The Fat and The Skinny

The Fat and The Skinny
Writer(s) Dinodisneylover1
Date published January 6th, 2016
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Adventure, Comedy
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My Little Pony: The Disney Chronicles

Long ago, when miracles still happened, there was a magic book with a spell that opened a gateway to the Disney worlds. The worlds where all the characters from the book really lived. Seven unlikely heroes find the book, beginning the start of an adventure they've never witnessed before. Welcome to My Little Pony: The Disney Chronicles. All rights of Disney Chronicles go to Disney and Hasbro.

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