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Promotional art and the splash screen for Dash!On
Date published September 14, 2017
Type of game Action,Arcade
Platform/engine PC

Dash!On  (though listed on gamejolt as Dash!On - A My Little Pony Fan Game) is a simplistic 2d side scrolling arcade video game created by GrapefruitFace relased for PC on Sepetember 14, 2017. The game features music from Kevin MacLoed and pixel art by GrapefruitFace himself.


The plot of this video game is very basic. Pinkie Pie's ballons have flown to the skies, so it's up to the pegasus of your choice (Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy or Derpy) to collect the ballons. 


The game play of Dash!On is very basic, somewhat resemblant of Flappy Bird. Your chosen character can fly up and down with the arrow keys. The goal is to avoid the clouds (as this will end the game) and collect ballons to increase your score.

Certain ponies have diffrent gameplay traits:

  • Rainbow Dash - Speed Boost which is activated by the spacebar
  • Fluttershy - Basic slow and steady speed
  • Derpy - Inverted controls

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