Dash picture from futzi01
A screenshot from gameplay
Programming futzi01
Art Silentmatten
Music General Mumble
Date published May 5, 2012
Type of game Timed, 2-D Obstacle-Cousre Racer
Platform/engine Adobe Flash
Featuring Rainbow Dash

Dash is a game made by futzi01 in Adobe Flash featuring art by Silentmatten, GrendoPony, Metrukuta, DabuPL, and Pikuseru1 as well as music by General Mumble. It is a 2-D third-person, timed random-generation obstacle-course racer, featuring Rainbow Dash as the main character. The current version is 1.1 (May 26, 2012). futzi01 claims to have invested more effort into this game than he did in his other game (Canterlot Defender). It seemingly has the opposite concept of Rainbow Cloud Attack.


The goal of Dash is to get to the finish line in the fastest amount of time possible and preferably create a sonic rainboom on the way. To do so the player must help Rainbow Dash dodge the oncoming clouds with the arrow keys. The longer Rainbow Dash avoids the clouds her velocity increases. If her velocity reaches a certain point she will perform a sonic rainboom. However, if Rainbow Dash crashes into one of the three cloud types, her velocity will decrease. The three types of clouds are:

White Clouds: Decreases the velocity bar and slows down Rainbow Dash for a bit.

Gray Clouds: Greatly decreases the velocity bar and slow down Rainbow Dash for a bit.

Pink Clouds (as seen in the episode The Return of Harmony Part 1): Has the same effect on velocity like white clouds, but slows down Rainbow Dash for a long period of time, thus increasing the chance of hitting another cloud.

When Rainbow Dash makes it to the finish line the player is then given their score based off how fast she arrived.

Like most of futzi01's games, entering the Konami Code during gameplay will unlock an easter egg. Rainbow Dash is changed to Spitfire, and the Sonic Rainboom (if created) is recolored. However, the end screen is unnaffected and will still show Rainbow Dash.


Pegadrome EqD cover
Spitfire's Win Screen
Programming futzi01
Art Stabzor
Music Neu KatalYst
Date published June 25, 2012
Type of game Timed, 2-D Obstacle-Cousre Racer
Platform/engine Adobe Flash
Featuring Rainbow Dash

Pegadrome is essentially the online multiplayer version of Dash. The networking code was done by Nagua and futzi01. The current version is 1.3 (August 3, 2012).

Up to two people can play. One player takes the role of Rainbow Dash while the other takes the role of Spitfire. In this game the goal is not only to finish the race in the least amount of time, but also to finish before the other player. This version also have 2 new types of clouds.

The controls are gameplay is almost exactly the same. However, in versions 1.2 of Pegadrome and above, the players character will accelerate faster the closer they are to the right side of the screen.

The game uses a net code multiplayer game finder similar Nintendo friend codes. One player will receive the code from the game and gives the code to another player who enters it into the code input slot in order to start the game.

The game requires a minimum of an 8.2KB internet connection. 

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