Dan and Pinkie Take a Slice out of Life
Dan and Pinkie Take a Slice out of Life FIMFiction cover art

Writer(s) Justice4243
Date published May 11, 2014
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Crossover
Slice of Life
Featuring Pinkie Pie
Dan Mandel (Dan Vs.)
Chris Pearson (Dan Vs.)
Elise Pearson (Dan Vs.)
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Dan and Pinkie Take a Slice out of Life is a slice of life “interquel” to The Wheel and the Butterfly: A Dan X Pinkie Saga, a crossover between Dan Vs. and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. As in the original, “Dan and Pinkie Take a Slice out of Life” is separated into novella-length parts that are separated into chapters.


The story is written in a third-person, past-tense perspective with the occasional breaking of the fourth wall by Pinkie Pie. The story is also written a way in which the reader does not need to have seen any of the “Dan Vs.” episodes in order to fully grasp the plot; however, several references to the show add in a little something for the readers who are a fan of both and does encourage non-fans to at least watch it. The chapter titles are variations of the “Dan Vs.” episode titles, with one or more of the characters versus something.


Part 1: Pinkie Vs. Clothes

“Pinkie Vs. Clothes” takes place roughly a few days after “Part 2: Dan Vs. Pinkie” of “The Wheel and the Butterfly” and is about Pinkie’s struggle to adapt to certain aspects of clothing, such as bras and washing them.

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