Dan Vs FiM
Creator(s) Mixermike622
Status Complete
Type/genre Comedy
Based on Dan Vs.
Related to Ask Flufflepuff
Fluffle Puff Tales

Dan Vs FiM is a tumblr created by Mixermike622 (also known as FluffyMixer) on which he uploads comics. The premise of the comics is that Dan from Dan Vs. is living in Ponyville with Twilight Sparkle. It takes place in the same universe as the Ask Fluffle Puff tumblr and Fluffle Puff Tales series.

Due to issues with tumblr, Mixermike622 has deleted the original tumblr and made a new one with the same name. He is no longer updating the site.


Mixermike622 made a few animations based on the tumblr between January 2012 and May 2013. Like Fluffle Puff Tales, the videos are very short and contain little to no dialogue. Dan's dialogue is taken from the original show.



Published Video Duration Notes
2012-01-23 Dan's Dream 0:54
2012-07-02 SUDOWOODO.WMV 0:15
2012-08-15 Dan Vs Fim: Monster Under The Bed 1:03
2012-09-08 Dan Vs FiM: Crayon Vision 0:42
2012-12-27 Dan Vs FiM: 100th Post 0:30
2013-03-16 Dan Vs FiM: "At The Park" 0:28
2013-05-17 Dan Vs FiM: "House Call" 1:28

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