Cupcake Chronicles
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Writer(s) MilesPrower06, Ace2401
Status Complete
Type/genre Romance
Slice of Life
Featuring Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie
Princess Luna
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The Cupcake Chronicles is a fanfic by MilesPrower06 and Ace2401. it can be found on FimFiction. Cupcake Chronicles is the alternate ending to the infamous Fanfic, Cupcakes. however in it, it starts at the end which has been changed around which, Pinkie doesn't make Rainbow into cupcakes, or kill Rainbow, instead pinkie gets killed by AppleJack who unexpectedly found rainbow in the basement of SurgerCube Corner.


Rainbow Dash

Rainbow dash is the main protagonist in the story. Rainbow Dash is the Lone survivor of what ponyvile dubs "The Cupcake killings". Even though rainbows wings couldn't be saved, she has to start life as an new Earth Pony. she resides at apple acres. as weeks go one she develops feelings for AppleJack.


AppleJack is the Main protagonist of the story. AppleJack found rainbow in the basement of sugarcube corner. since AppleJack killed Pinkie when she threaten to attack, she develop hatered to pinkie afterwards. later when rainbow fully recovered she and rainbow dash fell in love and became fillyfoolers.

Pinkie Pie and Pinkamena

Pinkie Pie is considered to be the antagonist in the begining but later turns out to be a protagonist. Pinkie pie over the months of the killings was developing Split personality and almost was gone due to it. through out the story Pinkie as not been seen as a character in the beginning (after her death), but only in flashbacks and in Journal of the Cupcake Killer, and in Rainbow after the storm as a Ghost. Pinkamena is the main antagonist of the whole story. pinkamena first appeared 2 days after pinkies surprise party, as months went by she murdered alot of victims and often calls Pinkie pie "Saddie Pie", through out the story she Haunts Rainbow Dashes dreams and then sends a message through applejacks dream. its then revealed that the Journal was keeping Pinkamena alive.

Princess Luna

Princess Luna is a side character in the story. she took charge of the investigation at sugarcube corner when she and celestia got word. through out the story she visits Rainbow Dash. she had pinkie brain scanned and deducted that pinkie had split personality. she also found pinkie pies Journal during the investigation.


Right when PInkie was going to finish off Rainbow Dash in SurgerCube Corner Basement, AppleJack breaks into the basement and finds Pinkie with her Knife and in her Dress made of Cutie Marks. she demanded Pinkie to drop the knife, but pinkie ignored and tried to attack Applejack, which Applejack killed pinkie in self-defense. Rainbow was bought to Ponyvile Urgant Care. but despite the condition Applejack, FlutterShy, Rarity, and Twilight learn from the nurse that Rainbows Wings couldn't be saved but only her cutie marks could be reattached. the fanfic follows Rainbow Dash as she now resides with AppleJack at Sweet Apple Acres, and trys to adapt to Living live as an Earth Pony  the Fanfic is divided into diffrent segments, "A Precious Rainbow, The Cupcake Killer, Apple of Her Eye, Confessions of Love, Investigations of a Nightmare, Journal Of The Cupcake Killer, and Rainbow After the Storm".
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Rainbow in her bandages and wonderbolts hoodie

A Precious Rainbow

A Precious Rainbow is the first 4 chapter segment in the Fanfic. It begins as AppleJack finding Rainbow dash in the basement of SurgerCube corner, which she demanded PInkie (Pinkamena) to drop the Knife. however pinkie attempted to attack but died due to a kick to the face and neck breaking when hitting a board with knifes on it. Applejack brings rainbow to the urgent care where she is put into ER and her friends our informed hours later that Rainbow survived and her cutie Marks got reattach, But her wings couldn't be saved. Rainbow asked
Bandage rainbow

rainbow in what seems to be a puddle of blood in her bandages and hoodie

fluttershy to retrive some setlement items from Rainbows house and have the CloudsDale movers take it back up, and rarity hit an idea to make Rainbow Dash a "Certain design" but had to get an arangement to meet with the "certain Pony" by asking Celestia. At Rainbows Release, Rarity gave Rainbow a gift which turns out to be the "WonderBolts outfit" which she told rainbow that she explain to Spitfire what happen and she labled Rainbow as an hounord Wonderbolt and let rarity make the outfit. Rainbow decided to spend a night at an inn in ponyvile but due to a not sucesful atempt at the inn, Rainbow, left the inn in the middle of the night and moves in with applejack. The next night, the Cutie Mark Crusaders planned a sleepover but were told to move it to the clubhouse. In the guestroom Rainbow had a nightmare where she was tied to the planks and was being attacked by pinkamena, but was woken up by AppleJack but scootaloo saw rainbow, which angered AppleJack. upon returning to Rainbow Applejack asked Rainbow to tell her what pinkie did to her. Rainbow told AppleJack that Pinkie drugged Rainbow, cut off rainbows cutie marks and so on (Referance to Cupcakes) which led to AppleJack saving her as she forgot about her visit to her to have apple pie. this shocked applejack and she was sorry about what happen. the next day AppleJack took sweetie belle and scootaloo home, she came home and with the new bandages, when seeing the condition, she is shocked seeing how fast rainbow is recovering. after breakfest and a talk with applebloom she went to see scootaloo and answered the questions scotaloo had. when leaving scootaloo tells Rainbow that swimming seems like flying and Rainbow trys out swimming. the day she started swimming she and Applejack talked about what Rainbow dashes Cutie Mark means, when seeing a rainbow AppleJack said that Rainbows cutie mark means "No Matter what storm you go through, you always make it through"(indicating the speed on how fast rainbow is recovering). that night she learns from Luna that Pinkie had split personality, which rainbow mentions about the surprise party (Refering to Party of One) where they planed a surprise party but had to avoid her, which when rainbow went to get her, her hair was flat and talking to inanimated objects, Luna then stated that the surprise party was the cause, which the other side of pinkie was slowly resurfacing, Rainbow told Luna she will tell her friends about the new finding. the following day its Rainbows birthday and her friends bought the Ponyvile swim team to give rainbow dash swimming lessons. that night she talked with applejack, which rainbow then hit the idea of having a rematch with applejack in the running of the leaves. applejack gave in but had a nightmare that night. she told rainbow the next morning that shes dropping out of the race, which broke Rainbows heart, she then went to twilight and twilight told her that she made a promise and broke it, and that she has to decide to enter or not. the next day Applejack enters the running of the leaves with Rainbow dash to show she cares for her. rainbow then won the race by a nose and decided to go back to the farm house to rest. the segment ends with them having a rematch of horseshoes.</p>

The Cupcake Killer

The Cupcake killer is a 5 part segment that takes place 1 week laterr. it begins as Rainbow dash not being able to sleep at all because she is feeling Guity for what happen to pinkie pie. applejack told rainbow dash not to worry about it because she won't be able to sleep. the next morning when walking in ponyvile she meets Lyra, and Learns from Lyra that she is heartbroken because BonBon was a victim of the "Cupcake Killer"(Pinkamena), which lyra told rainbow that Bon Bon left for a candy convention and was supposed to come back last week. but she was told by the investigators that bon bon was a victim. after calming lyra, rainbow visits twilight and Twilight Thinks Rainbow is suffering from survivors guit. however rainbow then mentions that she visited pinkie after the surprise party. after the visit to twilights, rainbow came to a fountain and hit an idea to make the fountain a memorial for the victims, which she tells rarity and she thinks it great. rainbow also wanted to do it for pinkie, which rarity said that they can't memorize the killer, but the idea is a good one. after telling fluttershy they went to sugarcube corner and mrs Cake, thinks the idea is perfect but has to be for the victims, which she then gives rainbow a small box containing Gummy. days later the memorial fountain is made and rainbow poured her jar of rainbow liquid (was filled by fluttershy when getting rainbows stuff from her house in the first segment) and poured it into the fountain. Luna stopped by and told rainbow about Pinkies body whereabouts. the segment ends with Rainbow at the ponyvile rock farm at Pinkies grave saying her last words before departing back to the farm house.

Apple Of Her Eye and Confessions Of Love

Apple of Her eye is a the third segment of the cupcake chronicles, while confessions of love is the fourth segment. Apple of her eye begins as Rainbow dash waking up finally realizing that AppleJack is finally allowing her to help with chores. AppleJack teaches Rainbow how to Apple Buck and after a sucessful attempt, Rainbow helped by apple bucking more trees. after a few trees they bought the apples to the celler and went to have a meal break. as soon AppleJack leaves to continue, Granny Smith spotted Rainbow looking at AppleJack, which rainbow doesn't know how to show her feelings to applejack. through out the rest of the day Rainbow was focusing on AppleJack. the night came and rainbow showed her feelings to applejack by kissing her. due to shock she runs back to the farm house. the segment ends with Applejack showing her feelings and inviting rainbow to her room. Confessions of Love begins as rainbow dash and Applejack show their feelings to eachother. Applejack tells rainbow that she had feelings to rainbow all along but had to hide them due to the incident on that night. after their love session and falling asleep, rainbow has a nightmare with pinkamena in it but this time rainbow attacked pinkamena in the dream, but was soon woken up by a visitor wwhom turns out to be Princess Luna. The segment ends with Luna telling rainbow she withheld evidence and it turns out to be pinkies journal of the killings.</p>

Investigation of a Nightmare

Investigations of a Nightmare is the 5th segment of the cupcake chronicles, which takes place during A Precious Rainbow. it begins as Celestia and Luna arriving at SugarCube Corner and are led to the basement. when in the basement the two sisters are shocked to see what was down there. when arriving near Pinkies dead body, celestia questions why she would do such a thing to innocent ponies. Luna then says she will take charge of the investigation. Celestia allows Luna to take charge. when Celestia is about to leave Mr. and Mrs. Cake ask for an explanation to why their buisness is surronded by gaurds. upon hearing that Pinkie was the source of the disappearences., the cakes Quote that they had nothing to do with the crimes. after having the cakes go to there room, Luna had the Investigation team to rebuild the corpses of the victims and remove the dress from pinkie. days later she returns to surgercube corner to investigate pinkiess room. the segment ends with Luna finding Pinkies Journal and reading it.

Journal Of The Cupcake Killer

Journal Of The Cupcake Killer is the sixth segment of the Cupcake Chronicles, which takes place 2 days after pinkies surprise paty-Pinkies death, and switches to the present. it begins as Pinkie telling her journal about what happen before pinkie arrived at her party (due to Rainbow Dash dragging her there), which out of nowhere pinkie heard a voice saying stuff, which makes pinkie shocked. in her next entry she stated that she wasnt feeling good so she got a day off. as days went on the voice in pinkies head kept bothering her and distracting her. a fateful day came and pinkie was depressed (due to the voice she was hearing in her head) when a filly came to calm her down, which made pinkie freak out (thinking it was the voice) and accidently kill a young filly named Noi. the next day, the "voice" took control of pinkies body and made cupcakes out of noi and took nois cutie mark. the next victim was cotton cloudy, and was made into cupcakes during her, what the other pinkie called "Surprise Party". the Real Pinkie ended up destroying the young fillys and colts numbers, which angered Pinkamena. as the days and months went on more ponies died,  Carrot top, sparkler, blues, tropical storm, Colgate, Cloud Kicker (The real Pinkie killed Cloud Kicker before Pinkamena could), Seafoam, Vanilla skies, Bon Bon, and Rainbow Dash (Rainbow Dash is the only one to come back alive). as the murders accord pinkie was trapped in her own mind and was able to control herself at certain times. Pinkie during the past months also wanted to commit suicide but couldn't because Pinkamena was stopping her. she tried to tell twilight but failed due to pinkamena. the journal ends where her last entry is where she was starting Rainbows party. in the present rainbow vommited after reading the journal and past out with a high fever. the segment ends with Luna leaving the Journal with Rainbow and applejack sleeping with rainbow.

Rainbow after the storm

Rainbow after the Storm is the seventh and final segment of the cupcake chronicles, which alters between the past and present. It begins in the past where rainbow gets expelled from flight school due to her getting into fights because she was being called a fillyfooler. her father, stormcloud and her mother, firefly, told her to tell the school shes sorry or is kicked out of the house. rainbow choosed to leave and never return there. it then goes to the present where Applejack having a Nightmare where shes in the hospital and Rainbow is announced dead. she wakes up and finds rainbow awake. Rainbow says that the journal proves Pinkie is innocent and applejack disagrees. they then have another love session and then fall back asleep. it then goes back to the past where applejacks crops are being attacked by rabbits, which big mac goes and gets fluttershy and helps out at the acres with the rabbit issue. applejack then notices after going inside that the barn door is open and when she enters it and she sees a pegasus.  in the present, twilight and spike are preparing for princess celestias visit, at the farm Rainbow dash and AppleJack soon discover that the others in the household heard them and they are okay with it (not yet for applebloom). they then bring the apples that they bucked to the market to Marty, and after returning with another cart marty decides to end there buisness with the apple family to due Applejack being a FillyFooler. this then shocked rainbow and caused her to vandalize martys window, and have marty blurt out what rainbow and applejack wer doing and soon press charges on rainbow. celestia however puts rainbow under house arrest and applejack heres what rainbow did from rainbow dash. they then go swimming and get a visit from luna, which she then says the reason she witheld the journal is because it would doom sugarcube corner, after she leave rainbow, applejack and gummy go back to the farmhouse. which in the middle of the night Lyra Gets attacked supernatualy by her lyre by an unkown force  in the past Applejack meets rainbow for the very first time and she brings rainbow to the farmhouse. it turns out on the way back it turns out that a group of rabbits were eatting more of the crops, and big mac went to get Fluttershy, which shocked rainbow dash. after fluttershy gather the rest of the rabbits rainbow dash decides to move in with fluttershy. in the present marty is facing an angry mob due to his behavior towards the fillyfoolers and are demanding him to get out of town. celestia suggest to be back in buisness with the apple family and he got his buisness with applejack back. however for rainbow rainbow was hurt and didnt accept his apology. at surgercube corner, her friends accept rainbow dash and applejack as a couple. however mrs cake is being driven crazy by unkown sounds in the basement. after rainbows visit to lyra at the hospital she went back to the farm house after applejacks visit to twilights she had to go to the school house, because applebloom got in a fight with diamond tiara. applejack then explains to applebloom that she does love rainbow. after arriving home, marty visited which angered rainbow and caused her to become hurt. applejack then has a love session with rainbow dash under a tree but was soon visited by the spirit of Pinkamena afterwards.   in the past rainbow visits cloudchaser about getting a job as a weather patrol. she gets the job and is asigned to the sweet apple acres area. she does it before sun rise in 10 seconds flat. however her boss thought she didn't do but when applejack point to the sky he realized that she did her job after all. rainbow then worked on her cloud home in fluttershys backyard. she then learns from cloud chaser that he has been promoted and is giving rainbow his formal job. however the next day. it turns out he now works with rainbows father. in the present Pinkiamena is mad at applejack. despite applejacks behavior, pinkamena quoted that "things will be shaken up for her big party". which she then cracked her own head and caused a earth quake afterwards. upon ariving at ponyvile the 5 friends learn from mrs cake that the noises turn into screaming. upon entering the basement the 5 see what seems to be a big energy like barrier, which they had two see zecora. from what rainbow and applejack said to zecora about seeing pinkie in their dreams, zecora deducted that its because they were the last ones to see her alive and shes haunting the two. when mentioning about the pinkamena figure. zecora said that their lost friend is the only one to know how to end it. in the past, way before cloud chasers promotion, derpy delivers cloudchasers mail to rainbow dash where rainbow dash discovers a missing flyer with her name on it which she hides. a year later at the weather factory cloud chaser says he didnt get it and thinks rainbow hid the flyer. in the present, twilight gets the elements of harmony and the faded element of laughter, and meets her friends in the basement. however the element of laughter reacted and bought rainbow and applejack in the barrier, where they meet the REAL Pinkie pie, whom they find crying. applejack confronted her, but rainbow defended pinkie by stating she didn't have control over her self at all and that she had read her entire journal. Pinkie however reveals that the journal is actually keeping pinkamena alive and says to destroy it. but pinkamena shows up, but the 2 manage to escape and tell their friends to get the journal, leaving pinkie pie to fight her alter ego in the barrier. in the past stormcloud tells firefly the he knows ewhere their daughter is. to stormcloud, he's not ready to remeet his daughter because he thinks she is still angry at them. at the weather factory he tells cloud chaser that he didn't drop by or went to visit her. however on the day of the best young flliers competition, they see rainbow dash but not face to face. they then leave after rainbow wins. two monthhs later they got a newspaper stating that rainbow is in critical condition and pinkie is dead. which causes them to go to the hospital quickly. at the hospital rainbow demanded to not let her parents in., which the nurse gave in. her parents wanted to see rainbow, but the nurse told them rainbow asked them not to allow her parents in. however the nurse told them about rainbows condtition and it hurt both her mother and father. in the present they have there final battle with pinkamena, however, pinkamena sucesfully completed rainbows party by throwing the knife, but was soon killed by the destruction of her journal. after pinkamena was destroyed, the four were hurt by rainbows death, however unexpectedly pure white ponies whom happen to be the ghosts of the victims and the real Pinkie surrounded rainbow as Pinkie told rainbow to find a new holder of the element of laughter. pinkie and pinkamenas victims revived rainbow dash and Pinkie gave rainbow dash a her one final gift to her. in the past three weeks ago, storm cloud and firefly, watch the running of the leaves and saw rainbow dash win. after rainbow went back to the farm house, her parents then talked to celestia and told her everything that happen. celestia then said that due to the fights at flight school, it was a last resort for rainbow and was a cry for help. which hurt rainbows parents which they were now feeling guilty for causing rainbow to leave the house. in the present rainbow wakes up in the hospital which turns out she now has wings again, which applejack reveals that it was pinkies one final gift two. meanwhile at the farm house rainbow dash gets a letter from spitfire saying that shes no longer and hounor wonderbolt, and is now a full member. rainbow then was hurt because she will not be able to see applejack. applejack told rainbow to follow her dream and rainbow replied back to spitfire confirming she will join. after arriving at the wonderbolts heaquaters they reveal that the show is gonna be based on her story of her survivor through the life changing events that happen to her. rainbow hit an idea that her friends get to be part of the show, which they accept the idea. the show entitled Rainbow after the Storm is preformed and was a sucess. after the show celestia brings in Rainbows parents and the reunited, and rainbow introduced applejack to her parents and dub her as her marefriend. rainbow then sends a letter to celestia and a letter to her dad. the final segment ends at the weather factory where stormcloud gives appleblooms class a tour with Twilight, and ends with the quote "and you won't believe how the rainbows are made".


  • Rainbows wings couldn't be saved is the same as when a unicorns horn is cut off.
  • the victims are actually estimated to be the actual victims.
  • when Lyra was attacked by her Lyre, its because she was attack supernatualy by pinkamena
  • Pinkamena quoted "ribs grow back" in journal of the cupcake killer, which is a referance to the quote the medic said in the "Meet the medic Trailer" of Team Fortress 2.
  • its unkown if StormCloud and Firefly are the actual names of Rainbows parents.
  • Stormcloud quoted "and you won't believe how the rainbows are made" is a Referance to the Fanfic Rainbow Factory.
  • In Rainbow after the storm, in the past, fluttershy said to rainbow "stay out of my shed in back" which is a referance to of the series
  • Pinkies journal being able to keep Pinkamena alive, may make a referance to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where tom riddles diary kept voldermort alive
  • Pinkie revivng Rainbow may make a direct referance to the movie, The Haunted Mansion, where the soul of elizabeth revived sara evens
  • when scootaloo told rainbow about diving and about her, and other 2 cutie mark crusaders trying to get a cutie mark by diving. its refering to the season 1 episode 18, show stoppers.
  • compared to the original fanfic and the alternate there are few things that are not mentioned at all in the original cupcakes. the first is rainbow accepting the invite for apple pie, the second, is no mention about a journal at all, and lastly not a single trace of pinkie having a split personality.
  • the possibilities of the barrier in sugercube corner can either be, a barrier pinkamena created so none of the victims or the real pinkie can leave, appeared when mrs cake heard the noises the first time, or appeared after the earthquake to lure applejack and rainbow dash.
  • Fluttershy was originally going to be a cupcake victim according to journal of the cupcake killer, but pinkie states that she believes that she saved fluttershys life from pinkamena, but its not sure


A Sequal to the fic named Cupcake Chronicles: Learning to Laugh again, formally know as Cupcake Chronicles side stories, follows Rainbow Dash as she is tasked by celestia to find the new holder of the element of laughter, while struggling between her relationship with Applejack and being a wonderbolt. on the fic itself it has a timeline of events that took place (excluding the journal of the cupcake killer event, because the dates were added in to it)
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cupcake chronicles side stories cover.

Death of the collab Author

After the final chapter of the Cupcake Chronicles was uploaded to the story, Ace2401 died on may 28 2012 due to heart complication which left MilesPrower06 to make its Sequal dedicated to the memory of ace2401

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