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"Crusader!" is an Italian/American musician in the brony fandom. Although making fan music since 2013, he gained more traction in 2016 with an animatic of his song "Power Ponies GO!". Since that year, he's performed at pony conventions across the country including EverFree Northwest, Ponyville Ciderfest, Crystal Fair, Pacific PonyCon, TrotCon, and Crystal Mountain PonyCon.

Style and influences

His main genres of music are pop punk, folk, and pop. He's listed Green Day, Owl City, and Peter, Paul, and Mary as major influences to his style. When doing pop music, he has taken influence from European acts such as PZK, Luca Dirisio, and Gunther.

Notable tracks

Power Ponies GO!

While Crusader! began production of the song in 2014, he did not officially complete and post it until January of 2016, not expecting sudden popularity. In the musicians panel at EverFree Northwest 2017, he stated "I completely forgot about it until much later, and rushed the production a bit because I was going too long without posting anything. I didn't expect it would be my most popular one". Since then, he has used the song as an opener at most convention performances.

Second Chance

This song was inspired by the episode No Second Prances. As of august of 2017, the song holds over 5,000 views on YouTube. The instrumentals are acoustic and the lyrics switch perspectives between Trixie and Starlight Glimmer.

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