Crackle the Dragon
Other names Derpy Dragon[Note 1]
Kind Dragon
Sex Female
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Crackle is a "spear carrier" character from the episode Dragon Quest. She appears briefly in a throwaway joke after Twilight, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash's poorly-made dragon disguise is questioned; another dragon sees a similarity between their costume and a nearby odd-looking, gem-encrusted dragon named Crackle and then concludes that they (dragon costume) must be Crackle's cousin. Crackle is one of only two new dragons named in that episode.

Crackle's gender was not made clear until the release of a trading card featuring her in 2013. Crackle is portrayed as female in this post from the For the Hoard tumblr and as male in the Ask Crackle tumblr.

When the episode initially came out, a number of fans jokingly called her offensive and for her removal from the show, in a reference to the controversy surrounding Derpy Hooves just a few weeks earlier.[1]

Similar to Derpy Hooves, Crackles sports a silly expression and appears a bit dense at first glance. Because of this, she is occasionally portrayed as her companion or just doing silly things with her. Crackle's characterization in the Ask Crackle tumblr makes him somewhat slow and dim-witted, but still functional.

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  1. Based on her similarities to Derpy Hooves


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