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Colgate by lKittyTaill.png
Colgate by lKittyTaill
Other names Minuette, Romana, Aquafresh, Jenne, Minty Fresh, TARDIS, River Song, Mint Swirl, Blue Toothpaste, Lake Twirl, Brushy Dash, Eight-O-Clock, Kids Crest
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Fan voice(s) Kira "Rina Chan" Buckland
Karen Hayman
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Colgate is the fan-given name for a unicorn mare with a light blue coat, an ice-colored mane with a dark blue streak, and a cutie mark of an hourglass. She is named after the toothpaste company due to her color scheme's resemblance to toothpaste. Other toothpaste-related names for her include Aquafresh and Minty Fresh, and she is frequently depicted as a dentist or with a toothbrush. Her official name of Minuette is first used in the show in the season five episode Amending Fences.

Depiction in fan labor

Berry Punch and Minuette s01e11.png

Colgate is occasionally paired up with Berry Punch, either romantically or as friends. Like many such fanon pairings, this stems from a shot in the show which briefly shows them standing close together; in this case the shot is from the episode Winter Wrap Up.

Because of her hourglass cutie mark, a portion of the fan base relates her to the British TV series Doctor Who, and has given her names such as Romana, Jenne, or TARDIE.

The 2D platforming game Minty Fresh Adventure combines both interpretations of her character: thanks to her cutie mark, she can manipulate time, but all she wants is to be a dentist. So she asks Zecora for help, who sends her on a quest to retrieve a vital ingredient she needs for a potion to remove Colgate's time magic. As of April 8, 2012, it is playable all the way through, but not yet feature-complete.

The April 2013 platforming game Minuette vs Tardiness posits that Minuette is a Crystal pony who works for "Dr. Colgate", the Ponyville dentist. Minuette's special talent is being punctual. In this game, Minuette is trapped in a dreamworld due to an unknown villain, and tries to get out without being tardy.

Official name

Colgate's first toy. She got her first regular toy two waves later.

In November 2011, a glittery mystery pack toy named "Minuette" was leaked from Hasbro's toy line. It uses the Twilight Sparkle mold but features a color scheme and cutie mark highly similar to Colgate's. In June 2012, a second mystery pack was released where the toy's color scheme resembled Colgate more closely.

A Trading Card clarifying Minuette's appearance

The Gameloft mobile game Canterlot update and the Trading Cards' second series card #39 subsequently clarified that Minuette is the same pony as Colgate, and the latter had a description that alluded to the fanon associations of her with both brushing and time.

The season five episode Amending Fences uses Minuette as the character's name.


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