Clare Gundersen
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Other names Clare
Active since September 2016
Known as Fan fiction writer (Formerly)
Voice actress

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Clare Gundersen is an American voice actress (Former Fanfiction Author). She began writing in September 2016 and has loved it. She became a pegasister at eleven years old. However, she began writing fan fiction at twelve and a half after she found the website from an internet search. She began to write Claws, and MLP fanficiton, but cancelled it after discovering she had bitten off far more than she could chew. She currently does voice over work, and is still active. Her favorite pony among the Mane Six and in general is Fluttershy, and her favorite Mane Six pet is Opalescence.

Voice Work

Comic Dubs - Twilight Sparkle - JackHarpy

Party Games - Fluttershy - Lyra_Girl

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