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Clare Gundersen
Other names Clare
Active since September 2016
Known as Fan fiction writer (Formerly)
Voice actress


Clare Gundersen is an American voice actress. She became a pegasister at eleven years old. However, she began writing fan fiction at twelve and a half after she found the website from an internet search. She currently does voice over work, and is still active. Her favorite pony among the Mane Six and in general is Fluttershy, and her favorite Mane Six pet is Opalescence.

Voice Work

My Little Pony: The Rise Of Blood Bolt - Nightmare Moon/Scootaloo/Sweetie Belle (Singing) - 9/30 Productions

The Diamond's Glow - Diamond Tiara - Tyrius The VA

Undead Robot Bug Crusaders - Apple Bloom/Zecora - King Cocoon

Cheerilee's Garden - Sweetie Belle - The Crimsonpet

Dubbing Is Magic - Coco Pommel/Fluttershy/Applejack - DarkNightPrincess

Trixie Wanted To Be In The Opening Theme - Trixie/Starlight Glimmer/Twilight Sparkle - Hubworld23

Straight To The Silly Point - Twilight Sparkle/Spike - Hubworld23

My Corrupted Student - Princess Luna - Crimson Cinema

My Little Pony X Sonic: Don't Mess With Boulder - Maud Pie - Jaeden-Man89

Comic Dubs - Twilight Sparkle/Derpy - JackHarpy

Party Games - Fluttershy - Lyra_Girl