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Characters in narrative fan labor derived from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic typically fall into one of these categories: main characters from the show (like Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle), supporting characters from the show (including both guest chars like Trixie and recurring ones like Princess Celestia), background characters from the show (like Lyra and Sparkler), and entirely fanmade characters (like Nyx and, as a special case, Surprise).

Characters from the show[]

Main and supporting characters from the show usually retain their general personalities in fan labor, though specific aspects of their "canon" depiction may be emphasized. Abridged series like The Mentally Advanced Series and Friendship is Witchcraft are a popular exception; telling a different story with slightly different characters is the point of those kinds of videos.

Background ponies, on the other hand, do not have established personalities, since they are basically used as "filler" by the production team. This results in many different interpretations for technically one and the same "character". However, for some ponies, a fairly limited spectrum of characterization has emerged; for instance, Lyra's relationship with Bon Bon and the idea that she is, in some way, obsessed with humans, are so widely accepted within the fan labor community that they have become "fanon", deviations from which are commonly frowned at.

OC ponies and ponysonas[]

Finally, as happens in most fandoms with sizable fan narrative output, some fans of the show create their own characters from whole cloth. These characters are generally referred to as "OC ponies", a term adapted from other franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog. The abbreviation is variously said to stand for "originally-created" or "original character". Some fan fiction uses almost exclusively OC ponies (like Fallout: Equestria, where most of the characters from the show are dead), but these fanmade characters are more frequently created as supporting characters or, infamously, as main characters who overshadow the Mane Six.

The term "OC pony" is also sometimes used synonymously with "ponysona", a portmanteau of 'pony' and 'persona'. "Ponification" - the creation of images of real-life humans using the design aesthetic of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - is quite common in fan art. The resulting "ponysonas" are frequently used as avatars on message boards and other social websites, and people sometimes invent fictional character biographies to go with their respective pony. These so-called OC ponies are, however, distinct from the fanmade characters as described above, because they are usually not featured in fan fiction or (narrative) comics. Exceptions include Lauren Faust's pony of the same name and Sabrina Alberghetti's OC Wild Fire. 


Very occasionally, characters from a different franchise interact with pony ones, as in Turnabout Storm or stories featuring Doctor Whooves; in the former, a human gets stranded in Ponyville, while in the latter case, the humanoid Doctor is rewritten as a pony. These crossovers are more frequent in fan art, especially of the non-narrative kind, than in fan fiction.

Team Fortress 2 is another franchise commonly seen with ponies. This has been expressed through fan fiction, fan art, videos, and even mods that have been programmed to make the characters in-game look like ponies.

List of character pages[]

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Ponies with multiple names are marked with an asterisk; very common alternative names are listed in the Notes column.
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Name Type Notes
Adagio Dazzle Supporting character
Apple Bloom Supporting character commonly also spelled "Applebloom"
Applejack Main character sometimes spelled "Apple Jack"
Aria Blaze Supporting character
Babs Seed Supporting character
Berry Punch* Background character
Prince Blueblood Supporting character
Bon Bon Background character
Braeburn Supporting character
Button Mash Background character
Princess Cadance Supporting character
Canni Soda Fanmade character
Carrot Top* Background character
Princess Celestia Supporting character
Changelings Supporting characters
Cheerilee Supporting character
Cheese Sandwich Supporting character
Queen Chrysalis Supporting character
Coco Pommel Supporting character
Colgate* Background character
Crackle Background character
Cream Heart Fanmade character also: Button's Mom
Cutie Mark Crusaders Supporting characters
Daring Do Supporting character
Derpy Hooves* Background character also: Ditzy Doo
Diamond Tiara Supporting character
Dinky Background character
Discord Supporting character
Dizzy Twister Background character
Doctor Whooves Background character
Fancy Pants Supporting character
Flash Sentry Supporting character
Flim and Flam Supporting characters
Fluffy Ponies Fanmade characters Fluffle Puff (most prominent one)
Fluttershy Main character
Gilda Supporting character
Granny Smith Supporting character
Lauren Faust Fanmade character Lauren Faust's OC
Lightning Dust Supporting character
Princess Luna Supporting character
Lyra* Background character
Mayor Mare Supporting character
Mystery Mint Background character
Neon Lights* Background character
Nyx Fanmade character
Octavia Background character
Pets Supporting characters
Pinkie Pie Main character
Pipsqueak Supporting character
Rainbow Dash Main character
Rarity Main character
Scootaloo Supporting character
Screwball* Background character
Shining Armor Supporting character
Silver Spoon Supporting character
Slenderpony* Fanmade character
Snowdrop Fanmade character
Soarin Supporting character
King Sombra Supporting character
Sonata Dusk Supporting character
Spa ponies Supporting characters
Sparkler* Background character
Spike Main character
Spitfire Supporting character
Starlight Glimmer Supporting character
Sunset Shimmer Supporting character
Suri Polomare Supporting character
Surprise Fanmade character based on preliminary version of Pinkie Pie
Sweetie Belle Supporting character
Thunderlane Supporting character
Lord Tirek Supporting character
Tootsie Flute Background character
Trixie* Supporting character
Twilight Sparkle Main character
Twist Supporting character
Vinyl Scratch* Background character also: DJ Pon3
Wild Fire Background character Sabrina Alberghetti's OC
The Wonderbolts Supporting characters

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