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Carrot Top
20212 - Carrot Top.png
Carrot Top, standing and pointing
Other names Golden Harvest
Kind Earth pony
Sex Female
Fan voice(s) Kira "Rina Chan" Buckland (Alt. 6)
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Carrot Top is a yellow and orange earth pony background character. Her cutie mark is three carrots, leading fans to deduce that she is likely a carrot farmer. Her name is given as Golden Harvest in trading cards, while Carrot Top is listed as a nickname. In the first MLP episode, when Twilight goes to Sweet Apple Acres to see Applejack for the first time, a Carrot-esqe house is seen left of the barn. This has left speculation that she is related to, or close to the Apple family

In-show, she appears in most crowds and has had a few lines. She appeared in Boast Busters with green hair, as part of a gag.

She has been the focus of a number of a few notable fanworks, and is usually associated with Derpy Hooves.

Relationship with Derpy Hooves

Derpy Hooves and Carrot Top dressed in Nightmare Night costumes.

Fans like to write Carrot Top as Derpy's best friend, and in some cases her roommate. She is usually the "straight man" foil to Derpy's crazy fan-given personality.

A common running gag with Derpy and Carrot Top is "I emptied your fridge", wherein Derpy eats everything in Carrot Top's fridge, despite the latter's attempts to protect it with locks and the like.

Notable appearances in fan works

  • Carrot Top (under the name Carrot Cake) stars in the "Carrot Cake Storybook " (anonymously authored), which gave rise to the fanon idea of her being friends with Derpy. This is also the origin of the "I emptied your fridge" running gag.
  • Carrot Top also stars in "The Mane Attraction ", a sixteen-page comic by Terrichance.
  • Carrot Top is the subject of WoodenToaster's original song "Beyond Her Garden " and its many remixes (most notably MicTheMicrophone and TheLivingTombstone's "Beyond Her Tomb ").
  • Carrot Top is also the main character of the Choose Your Own Adventure fan fiction "The Purloined Pony " (written by Chris).
  • She also appears alongside Derpy in the scriptfic "Life With Derpy " (by Rad Ross).
  • Carrot Top is a major character in the fan fiction "Let's Find You A Date!by soundslikeponies, in which she starts a brief and somewhat awkward relationship with Twilight.
  • Carrot Top, under the name of Golden Harvest, serves as the head of the Agricenter, a citizen's lobby group in Mass Effect: Shades of Twilight
  • Carrot Top is one of the Elements of Harmony in an alternate universe fan fiction series The Lunaverse, bearing the Element of Generosity.
  • Carrot Top and Derpy are main characters of series of drawings Derpy's and Carrot Top's journey (by Ziom05). Carbon Maestro composed music inspired by this artwork.


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