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Carnival Cat vs. Ponyville

The original song video with lyrics
Creator(s) SandJosieph
Date added October 26, 2012
Duration 5:06
Voices PKEmi
The AshGirl

Carnival Cat vs. Ponyville is a song by SandJosieph about a mare who calls herself a cat who takes Big Macintosh prisoner so that he can be her (unwilling) husband. It features creative input from at least sixteen people.


Late one night, Applejack and her brother are looking for Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo together and they enter "Catherine's Park". As they walk through the entrance, Big Mac gets in but the gate slams shut in Applejack's face. Applejack runs away for help, and Big Mac continues on.

Carnival Cat (or "Catherine"), a strange mare with red eyes who calls herself a cat, tricks the Cutie Mark Crusaders into visiting her carnival-of-sorts. She has them give some bits to a living ticket booth (which eats the bits) to enter. Carnival Cat kidnaps the CMC as bait, and Big Macintosh comes to rescue them. When he does, Carnival Cat is smitten and captures him. She takes him through her carnival's "Tunnel of Love", and entities inside the ride sing complementary lines within her song. After the ride, Big Macintosh sees the Cutie Mark Crusaders in a cage. Before he can do anything, he finds himself on "Catherine's Coaster".

After the roller coaster, Carnival Cat arranges a hasty marriage with a sockpuppet priest. Back in Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle and her friends get the Elements of Harmony ready. They arrive and prepare the Elements as Carnival Cat continues singing. In the end, they rescue Big Mac and the CMC, as well as deliver justice to Carnival Cat.


[Carnival Cat]

[to the Cutie Mark Crusaders]

Welcome my dear little pony friend
Come and stay with me 'til the end!
There's just one thing that has to be said
If you cannot play, then you're dead!
Look, there's the ticket booth, feed it quickly please!
Your gold bits are what it eats!
There is so much to see, you will not believe
The parasprites I had last week!
Wander now inside, leave Ponyville behind
If you turn back now, a cockatrice you'll find!
Say what makes you happy, say that "da magic's" here
Do not be afraid for I am not one to fear 'cause
This is the place where I control all you see!
But I want more so come pretty please with
Me, the Cat of Carnival Design!
Baby get in line, you're mine!
Apple Bloom: But you're a pony!
Carnival Cat: I am NOT a pony!
Scootaloo: Well, you look like one...
Carnival Cat: Do I look equine? These ears you see are definitely of feline nature!
Sweetie Belle: But what about your mane and tail?
Carnival Cat: Silence! And let us speak of this never again...
Cutie Mark Crusaders: Big Brother!
[Carnival Cat/Hidden Lyrics]
It's a World of Hate, it's a World of Fears
It's a World of LIES!, and a World of Tears
All your hopes, all your dreams, ripped apart at the seams!
It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, World!
Come my love!
[Carnival Cat]
[to Big Macintosh] Come with me baby so we can set love free
Happiness is my guarantee!
So please come here and give me one sweet kiss
Or you will be left friendless!
Love is a foal who will not obey your laws!
Love is a mare with fangs and claws!
Love is a pony demure and little...
Though she is not so brittle!
My love is lonely, idle without a spark
Patiently waiting to devour your heart!
Sweet music preys on you my darling baby
So please give your love to me your lady!
I am waiting, saddle up your pride!
There's no need to run and hide!
Love is a Cutie Mark that's beyond your reach!
Love is a joke that poisons all the weak!
Love is a filly who will ravage your soul...
Since she dares not ever let you go!
Love is waiting, saddle up your pride!
There's no need to run and hide!
[Carnival Cat and Choir]
La, la la la laa la
La, la la la la-ah
La, la la la laa la
La, la la la la-ah!
[Carnival Cat and choir]

[to Big Macintosh]

Now that you're with me, just sit back and relax!
There is much to do, so listen to these facts!
Ponyville is doomed and you've got a front row view
The events in motion cannot be stopped unless you
[Carnival Cat]
Give yourself up and let your love set me free!
Or your friends die, their souls paid to me!
So marry me and I shall waste your life
Let me be your little wife!
[Cutie Mark Crusaders]
Please come and save us!
Don't let her take us!
No! Don't do it! Please don't waste your life!
Don't make her your little wife!
Carnival Cat/Hidden Lyrics: I am the bride, with much to hide. You are my groom, walking straight to your doom...
Unnamed priest: Do you, Miss, take this stallion to be your lawfully wedded husband?
Carnival Cat: Definitely...
Unnamed priest: Do you, Sir, take this mare...
Carnival Cat: Mare!?
Unnamed priest: Do you take this "cat" to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Big Macintosh: Eenope!
Carnival Cat: Too bad, we're married now...
[Mane Six]
For Ponyville, our home! Let's go!
[Carnival Cat]
Come get to know me, My Little Pony!
Let's consummate our day!
Let's play!
[Carnival Cat]
Don't make a fuss I'm
One you can trust!
There's no need to turn away!
Don't Stray!
[Twilight Sparkle]
[Twilight and Pinkie Pie]
[Twilight, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack]
[Carnival Cat]
There's nothing to fear
Don't be so frightened
Beauty can not harm you!
It's True!
[Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash]
[Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy]
[Mane Six]
[Carnival Cat]
Don't be so scared of
my plans for two!
There's nothing I dare not do!
For You!
[Mane Six]
The Elements of Harmony!
[Carnival Cat]
Now you're mine, sweet babe I'm not a witch!
Life alone just makes me sick!
[Mane Six]
Get away, you psychopathic witch!
Your kind makes us ponies sick!
Big Macintosh: Eeyup.
[Mane Six]
Go away you monster!
Leave us be in Ponyville!
Go away you monster!
Taste the rainbow, pony foal!

Voice cast[]


Carnival Cat vs. Ponyville Animatic

Animatic video based on song
Creator(s) Sherbert Berrybear (previously known as The Heart Broken Dreamer)
Date added July 30, 2013
Duration 5:38
Based on "Carnival Cat vs. Ponyville"

An animatic of the song was created by Sherbert Berrybear nine months after the original song's release. It depicts the events of the song's story in visual form.

References to other musical compositions[]

The song references other musical compositions within its melody or countermelody six times. First, at 1:12 it references "It's a Small World (after all)", both in "hidden" lyrics and in instrumentation, made more prominent in one of the MIDI files. (Also in this hidden verse, the line "It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, World" is a reference to the 1963 film It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.) Secondly, there are a few times throughout the song, such as in the beginning, that reference Discord's leitmotif from the series as written by composer William Anderson. Another melody in the background is minor key variation of "Pinkie's Parasprite Polka", another theme by William Anderson from Swarm of the Century. It also references "Hush Now Lullaby" and "Cupcake Song" from the series, songs by Daniel Ingram. Lastly, in the "XG voices" MIDI, there is a musical line that references Richard Wagner's "Bridal Chorus" and Felix Mendelssohn's "Wedding March".

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