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Other names Foxy Lee
Known as Voice actress
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Foxy Lee, also known as CantHoldDownLeeFan13, is a voice actress. She primarily voices Applejack and Rainbow Dash. She also voices Button Mash's mother in a few "Button's Adventures" related fan projects.

She also makes PMVs that can be found on her archive channel. Voice work

Published Title Voice Creator Notes
2012-02-24 Epic Pony Battles: RD vs. Fluttershy Rainbow Dash Brony James Dio
2012-06-27 Epic Pony Battles: Applejack vs.Rarity Applejack Brony James Dio
2012-08-01 Tank's Big Hit Rainbow Dash FunkyComicCorner
2012-11-16 Apples on the Table Applejack FunkyComicCorner
2013-06-20 FPMV: "PFUDOR" Queen Chrysalis FluffyMixer
2013-09-03 Secret Cider Sauce Rainbow Dash Aye Jaye
2013-10-24 Rainbow Gets Her License Rainbow Dash Aye Jaye
2013-10-26 Fluffle Puff Tales: "Nightmare Night" Rainbow Dash FluffyMixer
2013-12-10 Take a Bow Vinyl Scratch ExudesAffluence
2014-06-24 My Little Portal Ep. 5 Rainbow Dash Christian Cerda
2014-09-2014 Pinkie's Joke Pinkie/Rainbow Dash Shades of Everfree

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