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Button's Adventures
Creator(s) JanAnimations & ShadyVox
Date added August 4, 2013
Duration 4:31
Transcript Available
Status Complete
Voices ShadyVox (Button Mash)
EileMonty (Cream Heart)
Type/genre Adventure
Based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Button's Adventures is a fan-made "pilot episode" based on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. It was uploaded on August 4th, 2013 and is available in various languages other than English as subtitled (on the video itself) or dubbed (on occasion). It is written and directed by JanAnimations & ShadyVox. ShadyVox also voiced the main character, Button Mash, and wrote the music.

As of March 21, 2014, Button's Adventures is no longer viewable on YouTube due to a cease and desist order from Hasbro,[1] and new episodes will not be produced. According to ShadyVox, he and JanAnimations will use the scripts they've written for Button's Adventures for a new IP with a different animation style.[2]

An animatic for the second episode of Button's Adventures was shown at GalaCon 2014.[3] In the animatic, Button's older brother Gibson appears.


The story features a character named Button Mash, a young colt who was briefly seen during the song The Perfect Stallion in the episode Hearts and Hooves Day, whom Sweetie Belle described as "too young". In the scene, he was shown aggressively playing an arcade video game, a fact which this episode develops into a key character trait, even naming him after it.

Rather than a single narrative, the short episode comprises a series of eight loosely connected vignettes spread over the final 24 hours before the start of the new school year.

"Mom! I'm ready for school!"

In the first vignette, Button Mash introduces himself in voice-over, saying that he likes video games and doesn't have a cutie mark, but doesn't care. He then enthusiastically calls to his mother that he's ready for school, only for his mother to shout, "It's Sunday! Go back to bed!" This vignette serves as the trailer for the episode.

Are you a winner?

Button grabs a carton of apple juice out of the fridge and finds a peel-and-win sticker on the bottom. Excited, he pulls it away, only to be reduced to tears when he doesn't win.

Old-school gaming

The third vignette introduces Button Mash's mother Cream Heart, who shows him his father's old video game machine. Button turns it on, but is perplexed when the game is revealed to be Pong.


Button plays outside with his toy train, which spontaneously combusts.

Milkshake race!

In the next vignette, Button is at Sugarcube Corner with Sweetie Belle, apparently on a date. He challenges her to a "milkshake race", drinks his shake too quickly, and promptly gets a brain freeze, falling to floor and screaming in pain.

"I am... the 'Stache!"

Button goes into his parents' room to get his handheld console and finds his father's moustache. His mom catches him trying it on.

"Oh, hey, a bit!"

The episode cuts back to Sugarcube Corner, where Button is still on the floor screaming, while Sweetie Belle, looking annoyed, idly drinks her milkshake and toys with his handheld. Button interrupts his agony when he finds a bit on the floor.


The final and longest vignette takes place on the morning of the first day of school. Cream Heart asks him if he's ready, only to find that he's been up all night playing video games and can barely speak coherently. She disconnects the console, only for him to continue playing the same game on his handheld. She takes it away and orders him to go to school. In response, Button threatens her in a fantasy language. To his horror, Cream Heart responds in the same language, saying she was young once too, and grounds him. Button swears in the language and kicks a ball in anger, causing it to bounce off the wall and hit him in the head.


Button Mash

Button Mash with toy train.png
Main article: Button Mash

Cream Heart

Button Mash's mother.jpg
Main article: Cream Heart

Sweetie Belle

Sweetie Belle also appears in the short, apparently on a date with Button. She has no speaking lines.


Button's older brother. He appears in an episode 2 animatic as a member of a rock band.

Other characters

Button mentions in the episode 1 intro that, along with his mother, he lives with his father and brother, though his father is not seen and his brother appears in an animatic for episode 2.


JanAnimations says that, if well received, this episode will act as the pilot to a mini-series, the episodes of which will be filmed and shot all at once following the release of a trailer.[4]

In his Tumblr blog "Ask the Crusaders", JanAnimations intimates that Button has a crush on Sweetie Belle. This is referenced in another JanAnimations short, Don't Mine at Night, in which Button and Sweetie Belle play the video game Minecraft. Sweetie Belle's voice actress, Claire Corlett, is an avid Minecraft fan.


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