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Bronyfied is a Finnish metal musician who is known for instrumental covers of songs from Friendship is Magic and other songs as well as providing guitar work in several collaborations with well-known artists from the fandom. For a great period of time, he was the most popular metal musician in the fandom by YouTube subscriptions, but he has since been over taken by PrinceWhateverer, probably due to recent inactivity. Despite his relative lack of music, recently he has confirmed he has more songs in the works and has promised to show up at several European conventions, including as a guest of honor at Finland's own Crystal Fair.

Brony Metal Medley

Brony Metal Medley
Creator(s) Bronyfied
Composition Various
Arrangement Bronyfied
Instruments Bronyfied
Published Apr 1, 2012
Duration 7:01
Type/genre Heavy Metal

As a follow up to My Little Metal Medley, Bronyfied released Brony Metal Medley. While My Little Metal Medley is a medley of various show covers, Brony Metal Medley is based upon original songs from the fandom. It features melodies from hit songs by Glaze, Eurobeat Brony, Jackle App, PrinceWhateverer, AcoustiMandoBrony, and The Living Tombstone. Brony Metal Medley is listed as the 17th best song of 2012. [1].

Other Notable Songs

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2011-11-19 Winter Wrap Up Metalized 3:35 Heavy Metal cover of Winter Wrap Up
2011-12-11 My Little Metal Medley 3:38 Heavy Metal
2012-01-21 One Last Letter 5:48 Electro-Metal collaboration with Aviators
2012-03-25 Flower of the Season 4:35 Rock Ballad vocals by Aviators
2012-04-21 Stuck in Time 4:22 Electro-Metal collaboration with The Living Tombstone
2012-10-12 No One Leaves the Hive 3:40 Symphonic Metal
2012-11-19 Fight for the Crystal Empire 4:08 Power Metal vocals by Cyril the Wolf
2012-11-24 Scootaloo Summons
Chickens With Her
Magical Drums
2:09 Heavy Metal instrumental;
vocal version by DustyKatt


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