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Founder Alex Mendoza ("Diggio")
Date founded 2016 march
Type of site Social networking

BronyBook is a social network designed primarily for fans of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, created by Camilo Alexandro Ruiz Mendoza based on the FB design. Designed to be a 100% complete and functional brony social network giving the user comfort and familiarity by its design


In March 2016 Camilo released the alpha for BronyBook, a social network for Bronies. After going through several iterations and interface changes it quickly evolved into a modern social network that is gaining popularity after having appeared on several well known websites like FB and TWT. The popular demand eventually led to the creation of an android beta client.

BronyBook has a very diverse community, with groups and pages focusing on various topics ranging from gambling to fanfiction and music. All pages and public groups must be SFW and follow official site policies, while private pages tend to be less restricted when it comes to rules.

As of November 2016, Bronybook was disconnected, since the moderators did not raise enough money to keep the site afloat but then 2017 was back online and it is slowly returning..!


  • An intuitive, web-based interface.
  • Android Apps
  • Groups and Pages by the user with built-in moderation
  • Drop list of links.
  • Name changes and unlimited profile style
  • Support for Facebook and DK logins.

Technical information

  • Based on FB.
  • Provides an oAuth 2 gateway.
  • Hosted in own VPS.
  • It has a developer portal with documentation.

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