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Other names Spitfya
Active since 2011-now
Known as Musician
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Blaze was an electronic brony musician, who mostly specialized in dubstep and dubstep sub-genres.


Blaze started making music in late 2011. His first songs were of the chillout electronic genre. In 2012 he started making dubstep songs and quickly grew famous for them. Although he mainly focuses on instrumental pieces, he occasionally provided vocals for his songs, too. His signature move was vocals being chopped and auto-tuned at the same time.

His most popular songs are The Changeling, Pinkie's Cocainum and his Balloon Party: After Party entries Indecisive and a remix of Rainbow Factory by Glaze.

Popular song selection[]

Note: most of the song links lead to reuploads, as the official uploads were removed
Sleepy Hooves 3:29 Dubstep
Fluttershy's Dream 3:34 Chillout Has a music video by Ferexes
The Changeling 2:52 Electronic Collaboration with TuXe and Ozzwald
Fantasy 3:37 Dubstep Remake of Carbon
Rainbow Factory 4:26 Dubstep Remix of a song by WoodenToaster, After Party entry
Cocainum VIP 3:02 Drumstep VIP of a previous track, Pinkie's Cocainum
Indecisive 3:42 Dubstep After Party entry

Fluttershy's Dream[]

Fluttershy's Dream
Creator(s) Ferexes
Composition Blaze
Duration 3:38
Type/genre Chillout

Fluttershy's Dream is an SFM animation by Ferexes made on the base of Blaze's song of the same name. It follows Fluttershy in a forest setting where she meets her twin, who is a polar opposite of her in terms of personality. After some wandering, she sees Mane 6 (along with her twin) floating in the sky. After she started flying away from them, Mane 6 immediatedly pursued her. Her evil twin soon caught up with her and smirked. The dream ends with Twilight Sparkle raising her horn from Fluttershy's head and her friends looking at her curiously, probably in the real world.

The animation entirely fits the specific atmosphere of the song.

2014-2015 and song deletion[]

In early 2014 Blaze removed many of his old songs from SoundCloud and Bandcamp, with YouTube going down entirely. Later on, he replaced his SoundCloud with an archive. In 2015 he changed his alias to Spitfya and has an upcoming Shotgun EP in his plans at the time of the writing.

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