Biker Princess from Equestria
Biker Princess title card 2

Biker Princess from Equestria Title Card

Writer(s) WesFox134
Date published July, 10th, 2013
Words 9390
Status unfinished
Type/genre Adventure, Alternate universe, Human, Anthro, Romance
Featuring Princess Celestia
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Biker Princess from Equestria is a fanfiction written by FiMFiction user WesFox134. It's a story where Princess Celestia picks up a guest from Earth while taking a impromptu interstellar "vacation".


Wes is a regular fellow on Earth. He has a regular job working on software testing. While Wes was eating his lunch at a local diner a mysterious biker woman comes in and orders a cup of tea as wes offers her a seat at his table. After the waitress comes along, Wes pays for the mysterious biker's drink as they introduce themselves, the biker giving her name as Celeste. Wes sees her walk out of the diner as he returns to work. Some time after his work day is fifinishedes looks up at the stars; wishing that he could go and explore the universe. However his day dreaming gets interrupted when a strange futuristic looking hoverbike lands near him as it flew over his head. Wes looks at the strange rider and as she takes off her helmet it's revealed to be Princess Celestia, although in an anthro form wearing the same clothes as she wore at the Diner. Wes is quite suprised and skeptical at what he sees but a small demonstration of a telekenisis spell sort of dispells his skepticism somewhat Celestia offers to take him with her on her adventuring through out the cosmos. Celestia gives him some time to call friends and family to let him know he's taking a vacation of sorts. 


Wes Montgomery: Wes Montgomery is a rather average fellow. He is a software tester at a local Redmond company. He is quite kind hearted but he also is somewhat disliking of deception and twisting the truth because it breaks someone's trust.


The fanfic has been quite well received on FiMFiction, Gaining 271 likes and only 19 dislikes. As well as 283 Favorites.

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